Sunday, October 25, 2009

Dear Santa, Please Bring me a nook for Christmas!

A wireless eBook reader is on my Christmas list this year, so I was really excited to get the news that Barnes & Noble has a brand-new one called a nook! I haven’t seen one yet (they start shipping at the end of November), but it looks amazing! Here are some of the features:

Easy Reading

The nook is about the size and weight of a regular paperback book! The E Ink Vizplex display is very easy on the eyes, with clear and crisp text, just like a book! You can adjust the text size, and there’s no glare or backlight.

Color Display

I love how it displays the covers of your books in color at the bottom of the screen. Just scroll through the covers and pick a book!

Wireless Downloads

You can browse and instantly download eBooks, magazines and newspapers on AT&T’s 3Gwireless network. There is no set-up required and no additional wireless costs. The AT&T Wi-Fi network is free at Barnes & Noble stores.

Lend to a Friend

You can lend your eBooks to your friends for free for up to 14 days! Just send it to your friend’s nook, iPhone, iPod touch, PC or Mac, or select BlackBerry and Motorola smartphones using B&N’s eReader software.


You can always go right back to the last book you were reading and find exactly where you left off. And if you left your nook at home, you can pick up your iPhone with your eReader software installed and be reunited with your book at exactly the same spot!

Lots of Storage

The nook can hold up to 1,500 eBooks and other printed content. And you can expand the memory. A 16GB MicroSD card can hold up to 17,500 eBooks!

Photos and PDFs

I really like that the nook also reads PDF-format documents. Imagine how handy this will be for business, when so many documents are transmitted in PDF. You can also transfer your favorite photos and create custom screensavers.


The nook has a removable back cover that you can swap out with one of four additional colors. There are also a range of accessories available, like covers and lights.

Great Content

B&N’s eBookstore currently has over a million titles available. Most bestsellers and new releases are only $9.99. More than 20 newspapers and a wide range of magazines are also available.

Barnes & Noble’s nook will begin shipping at the end of November, but they’re taking pre-orders now at It’s competitively priced at $259 with free shipping! You can also watch a very helpful video about the nook.

So, Santa, if you’re reading this, please bring me a nook! I really, really want one for Christmas!

DISCLOSURE: No product samples or compensation were provided for this review. I have not tried this product yet, so consider this post informational and not an endorsement.

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  1. Oh! I would luv one of the Nook's myself for Christmas!!

    Thanks for Sharing :)


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