Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Biggest Cooking Mistakes People Make

I am the worst cook in the world. I’m about as far away from a cooking expert as you can get. So, I will never be able to offer you great cooking tips on this blog. However, the people at General Electric DO know a thing or two about cooking. They have to because they design all their products to make your life in the kitchen easier. Below are the top three cooking mistakes people make, according to GE, and how your next meal doesn’t have to be the latest victim. These are some things I definitely need to know to improve my cooking!

Biggest cooking mistakes people make:

• Not allowing their cookware or oven to heat up. It’s best to start with a hot surface, and then add food -- just like you should always warm-up before diving into a workout!

• Not using enough salt and pepper. Always use it! Seasoning is important! (Note from Susan: Use salt in moderation.)

• Not having fun. Don’t be nervous. It’s only cooking!

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