Thursday, October 29, 2009

Avoiding the Big Binge for Halloween!

Halloween is almost here, and all that candy is certainly hard to resist. It’s easy to forget the high calories associated with candy -- even bite-size candies can add up! is a really fun site that helps you to manage your calorie intake. Just plug in the name of your favorite candy, and it displays the nutritional facts for it! also offers weight management tools, social support and nutritional information to help you reach your diet goals. Their philosophy is that every dieter is different, and for a weight-loss program to be successful, it has to be personal and make sense with your lifestyle.

Mary Hartley, R.D.,’s Director of Nutrition, has some great tips to avoid candy binges at Halloween:

• The best candies are simple sugar creations like lollipops and hard candies (or gummy bears and licorice, although those stick to your teeth!).

• Buy candy at the last minute and make sure it's not your favorite kind so you will not be tempted.

• If you do choose your favorite candy, limit snacking to Halloween night only.

• Become a candy snob. Buy only really good candy (e.g., Godiva Truffles) and savor each piece mindfully. Take a piece, close your eyes, and see how long you can make it last. Think of words to describe the taste sensation.

• Vow to eat only two pieces of Halloween candy every day. Stretch it out until the kids forget about it.

• Play the game of keeping each piece of candy in your mouth for a full minute before swallowing.

• Put the candy in the freezer. Your teeth will break if you try to gobble it down.

• Give away half of the candy to the local Shelter for the Homeless or the Food Bank. Feel the joy of giving.

• Chop up the chocolate candy and bake it into cookies. Throw a little party and serve them to the guests.

• Do not buy the candy on sale on November 1st!

• Save half of the candy for Santa Claus. Santa said he needs the candy as payback for the gifts. Want proof? See how overweight he is!

If you’re struggling to maintain or get to a healthy weight, particularly during Halloween and the holiday season, I encourage you to check out the terrific resources at

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  1. I'm almost afraid to check my calorie count during this time of year. LOL.


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