Saturday, September 19, 2009

Small Talk Six: Enjoying Autumn!

This week’s topic on Small Talk Six is “6 things you love or hate about autumn.” (What’s Small Talk Six? Click here to find out.) Autumn has always been my favorite season. Not only do I celebrate my birthday, but the humidity here in Florida goes away, and we have some really beautiful days! So, here’s my list of what I love and hate about autumn:

1. As I said above, I love that the humidity goes away. I can take a walk in the middle of the day and not feel like I’m melting!

2. I love my birthday! I don’t like the idea of turning another year older, but it’s always nice to celebrate another year with my family and get a few gifts!

3. I love the changing leaves. Unfortunately, we don’t get much of that in Florida. That’s what I miss most from growing up in Michigan -- the beautiful colors of the trees!

4. I love that the holidays are right around the corner! Christmas is my favorite holiday, and we really start getting into the holiday season when autumn arrives.

5. I hate the hurricanes! Here in Florida, the hurricanes can be especially intense in September and October. I’ve spent plenty of birthdays in late September boarded up in my house, worried that it was going to blow down!

6. I hate getting back into the grind of homework and getting out of bed early when school starts. The lazy days of summer are gone, and it’s back to business!

So, now it’s your turn! Leave a comment on this post describing some of the “things you love or hate about autumn.” And then click here to find links to other bloggers’ Small Talk Six lists for the week.


  1. My favorite season has been and always will be summer, but next up for me would be fall in New England. Here's why...

    1. Candy corn, pumpkin picking, fresh apples, apple cider donuts, and all the other fall food goodies. Tons of all festivals and fairs to attend.

    2. Leaves changing and the crisp fresh air.

    3. Back to school which means that stores and restaurants are empty during the day.

    4. Thanksgiving! My absolute favorite holiday.

    5. It's Susan's birthday.

    6. It's not tax time.

    Here's why I hate fall...

    1. Start of cold and flu season.

    2. Trying to get my twins scheduled for their flu shots.

    3. It's cold.

    4. It's gets dark early.

    5. It's back to school.

    6. Yellow jackets come out while you're trying to enjoy your festival or fair food.

  2. The waking up early thing does stink. I love to sleep in. Heres mine



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