Friday, September 04, 2009

Recess Monkey: Music That Your Kids -- and You -- Will Love!

Recess Monkey has three new fans… my twins and me! This musical group is so much fun! We were recently sent a copy of their newest CD, Field Trip, and DVD, Field Trips with Recess Monkey. All I can say is that they are a hoot! The songs are filled with imagination, adventure, creativity -- all things that kids enjoy! Here’s what I mean:

Fort: This song is all about kids’ love of building forts! My boys are always draping blankets over their bunk beds or the living room furniture. And then they have a secret club inside their fort.

Marshmallow Farm: Every kid dreams of visiting a farm where they grow marshmallows! That sounds much more exciting than a bunch of vegetables, doesn’t it? Kids get to imagine the farm of their dreams in this song.

Sack Lunch: This song is so much fun because it’s sung from the viewpoint of the sack lunch! My kids always laugh at the part where he gets thrown in a bin with other lunches that leak all over him.

Knocktopus: All kids love jokes, and this song is filled with knock-knock jokes. It doesn’t matter if they hear the same ones over and over again. They still love them!

Haven’t Got a Pet Yet: This is such a clever song. The kid in the song laments that all his friends have pets, and then he makes up a list of reasons why his parents should let him have one, too. My kids have been begging us to get a pet, so we can definitely relate to this song! Here’s a video of Haven’t Got a Pet Yet. I love it!

There are plenty of other awesome songs about hot chocolate, centipede pirates, bubbles and shoes, among other things. They’re all kid-friendly themes that children will adore.

The members of Recess Monkey consist of three male teachers who met while working at the same Seattle elementary school. They’ve been making CDs for many years now (their first CD, Welcome to Recess Monkey Town, was released in 2005), and they obviously know how kids think from their years in the classroom. I can just imagine them asking the kids in their class, “What song should we write next?” And getting answers like “Monsters!” “Backpacks!” and “Secret Agents!” And then they write a song about it!

The DVD, Field Trips with Recess Monkey, is filled with videos of their songs, along with lots of fun field trips the band takes on a school bus, all hosted by their “manager,” Mayor Monkey (a stuffed monkey puppet). The DVD has plenty of material that’s not on the CD, so you’ll want to get both to enjoy all of Recess Monkey’s most recent music. Head over to to listen to and download the music of Recess Monkey, learn more about the band, watch videos and order their products.

Stick the Field Trip CD in your car’s CD player to make your rides more fun. But beware, says KIWI magazine, “Parents will get caught scream-singing along at red lights, so exercise caution.” I think that advice was directed at me!

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