Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Dilmah Tea: Fresh from the Garden to Your Cup!

If you’re a real tea connoisseur, then you’ve no doubt heard of Dilmah Tea. It is a tea lover’s dream! My husband and I are both tea fans, although my husband prefers iced tea and I like it hot. But one thing we both agree on is that Dilmah Tea is amazing. What makes it so special?

Dilmah Tea is called a “single origin 100% pure Ceylon” tea. Most other brands combine several different blends of teas from multiple origins so they can keep costs down, but Dilmah Tea prides itself on its purity and rich flavor. It is entirely grown, hand-picked and packaged in Ceylon (now called Sri Lanka). And it’s packed within days of picking the fresh leaf to maximize the freshness and preserve the antioxidants that are naturally present in tea.

Dilmah Tea, a family-owned business, was founded in the 1950s by Merrill J. Fernando, who named his company after his two sons, Dilhan and Malik. Today, the founder’s grandchildren are learning all about tea so they can carry on their family’s tradition of premium tea making.

Dilmah Tea generously sent me a box each of their English Breakfast Tea and their Ceylon Green Tea with Real Ginger. My husband made them "iced" and I prepared them hot. Both have a wonderful, full-bodied taste, whether served hot or cold. We could really taste the difference between Dilmah Tea and other commercially prepared teas. Dilmah Tea tastes fresher and purer, with a really robust and rich flavor. Now that I’ve tried Dilmah Tea, no other tea tastes as good.

I invite you to visit their beautiful website at You’ll learn all about the Dilmah story, the health benefits of tea, the tradition of tea growing in Ceylon, the company’s humanitarian efforts to improve the lives of the underprivileged and, of course, you can shop from their wide selection of delicious teas! Dilmah Tea is my new drink of choice. Won’t you join me for a cup?

DISCLOSURE: I received two complimentary boxes of Dilmah Tea to facilitate this review.

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