Sunday, September 20, 2009

Day 7: The 12 Days Til My Birthday Giveaway

Welcome to Day 7 of my birthday giveaway! On Friday, the giveaway book, You’d Be So Pretty If…, was for parents of daughters. Today’s giveaway book is for parents of boys! The title is:

Wild Things
The Art of Nurturing Boys
By Stephen James and David Thomas

Book Description (from the back cover):

A boy’s endless imagination, hunger for adventure, and passionate spirit are matched only by his deep desire to be affirmed, esteemed, and loved.

Yet over the past few decades, our culture has adopted a model of parenting and educating children that doesn’t affirm, celebrate, or embrace a boy’s hunger, passion or wildness, but rather seeks to tame it. As a result, many parents, teachers, coaches, and mentors find themselves frustrated, confused, and wearied by boys’ behavior.

The truth is, boys don’t need to be tamed—they need to be understood, loved, challenged, and encouraged.

Wild Things helps parents, teachers, mentors and others understand and explore the hearts, minds, and ways of boys and the vital role that parents and caregivers play on the journey to manhood.

Based on clinical research and filled with practical tips and suggestions, Wild Things gives fresh insight and much-needed encouragement on the road to raising boys.

About the Authors:

Stephen James

Stephen James, M.A., is a private-practice therapist in Nashville, Tennessee, and is also on staff at Fellowship Bible Church as pastor of congregational care. Stephen earned his master’s degree in counseling from Mars Hill Graduate School in Seattle, Washington. He is husband to Heather, as well as father to Emma Claire; Elijah; and twins, Henry and Teddy.

David Thomas

David Thomas is a therapist and director of counseling for men and boys at Daystar Counseling in Nashville, Tennessee. He did his undergraduate and graduate work at the University of Tennessee. David lives in Nashville with his wife, Connie; daughter, Lily; and twins, Baker and Witt.

To enter to win a copy of this very helpful book, simply leave a comment answering the question:

What do you find most challenging—and most rewarding—about raising boys?

One winner will be randomly selected from the qualified entries received by September 21, 2009, at midnight EST. One entry per person please. Make sure you leave an email address if it’s not on your Blogger page. Winners have 72 hours to respond or a new winner will be selected.

CONTEST CLOSED. Congratulations to hilary, who wrote: "Challenging for me raising my boy is the wildness of boys and how to cope and not knock that spirit out of them, rewarding is watching his antics, his grin, and finding his own little personality, but most of all I love a little boys true nature, so kind."

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  1. I think boys are awesome! What I like most about raising boys is their inquisitiveness and their energy. I like how sometimes they resolve things in a much more straightforward manner than girls. The challenge is finding outlets for their energy and need to experience "how things work".

  2. What do you find most challenging—and most rewarding—about raising boys?
    Challenging for me rasing my boy is the wildness of boys and how to cope and not knock that spirit out of them , rewarding is watching his anticts , his grin , and finding his own little personaility , but most of all i love a little boys true nature , so kind
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  3. The most challenging issue with my son has to sprout from his insane mood swings. One minute helpful and loving; the next wild as the plains of Africa!

    Most rewarding? The moments that can only come from a boy and his mom. Just moments of pure love that only he and I can share and that are usually pure silliness to everyone else.

  4. most challenging: they are loud and rough and very very active.

    most rewarding: I see his loving / protector side too.

  5. I love that my boys are full of energy, strong willed(hmmm... where would that come from... parents?!), and can be loving, calm, sincere, and so sweet - all in the same moment. they are totally and totally NOT predictable. It's so rewarding to watch my boys (3 and 6) play fair with each other, be polite, and truly enjoy each other. One day my older boy said "Izaac (youngest) must be my best friend because I spent so much time with him". How cute!!

  6. Keeping up with my son's own made up language and imaginary world is a challenge. It is also extremenly rewarding as he pulls me in this world. Sitting on the floor with him listening and participating in play just makes all of my cares momentarily disappear. I love this about my little boy

  7. Would love to read this book! I never imagined I'd have boys, and now I can't imagine life without my two.

    The most rewarding thing by far is seeing my older son be sweet, tender, and affectionate in addition to curious and energetic. And the most challenging thing is keeping up with him!

  8. I am raising four sons and am very interested in this book! I just wrote a post on my blog yesterday about the difficulties I have when I am home all day with them on Saturdays. Whatever I have planned or try to do to keep the occupied, it seems they always end up in a maylay by lunch time every day...what is with the desire to tackle all the time?

    What I love is the way a son loves him Mom. I get tons and tons and tons of hugs and "I love you Mommy".

  9. Raising boys?? We adopted 3 newborn boys in 3 years. It's been hilarious! We have yet to eat a meal out in public that someone didn't come to our table to:
    talk to the boys, ask questions about their adoption (their black; we're white; it's obvious they're adopted), Tell their own adoption story, talk about their hair, and so on.
    We have met the nicest people!!

    Most challenging aspect of raising boys? I worry that my boys aren't "BOY" enough. LOL. I'm musical and I like to read so that's where I focus my time when my husband is at work. I can't teach "boy things" because... well, I'm not a boy. The last thing this world needs is more sissy boys who have been quelched and benched.

    Most rewarding: For us, it's been building bridges with all sorts of people. They draw a lot of attention when we're out and about. They are not always on their best behavior LOL. With a smile and some eye contact, we've met people of other races, nationalities, religions, and cultures that we would have missed without these little men.

    Most challenging for me?

  10. my twin boys are only 16 months old, and I am ASTOUNDED by how much more physical they are than my girls. I am constantly pulling them off the tables, countertops, and more!
    My challenge is to keep them SAFE, and my reward is how so very sweet and attached to Momma they are!

  11. Anonymous9:48 PM

    The challenge in and of itself is raising children. Since I'm a female, raising boys is more difficult. They are in to everything. But they are indeed lovable.



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