Friday, September 11, 2009

All New Episodes of Sid the Science Kid on PBS Kids!

Last month, I told you about a great new children’s TV series from The Jim Henson Company called Sid the Science Kid. Here’s what I wrote about the series then:

Sid is the kind of kid who has lots of questions! Can animals communicate with us? Why is dirt so dirty? Why do bananas turn brown? And why did his ice pop melt? These are the types of things children ask that can be answered by science! In the adorable Sid the Science Kid series, Sid and his classmates learn the answers to such questions through experiments, games, songs, and the wise guidance of their teacher, Miss Susie. And, of course, this show features the amazing animation you would expect from The Jim Henson Company.

Next week, September 14-18, PBS Kids is airing five brand-new episodes of Sid the Science Kid that are all related to the weather! The episodes include:

1. Sid’s Rainy Playdate
2. Special Sunny Dad Day
3. Sid’s Cool Holiday
4. The Wind Did It
5. Sid the Weatherman

My kids and I were granted a sneak peek at these new episodes, and we watched the first two last night. In “Sid’s Rainy Playdate,” Sid seeks the answer to the question, “What are clouds made of?” Sid is disappointed that a playdate he has scheduled might get rained out, so he and his classmates learn all about clouds and rain with their teacher, Miss Susie. My kids were fascinated by this episode! In the second episode, “Special Sunny Dad Day,” Sid asks the question, “Why do I have to wear sunblock in the sun?” Needless to say, he and his friends learn a lot of really cool things about the sun in this episode. My kids and I can’t wait to check out the other new shows!

Go to and click on “TV Schedule” to find out what time your local PBS station is airing Sid the Science Kid next week. (There are also plenty of fun things for your kids to do on this site.) Your children won’t want to miss a single one of these terrific weather-related episodes!


  1. Its really good for children thanks for sharing..!

  2. Anonymous12:05 PM

    i really liked the song miss susie sings about the wind in the episode "the wind did it".. i want to know what its called do you know???

  3. Go to Scroll through the items on the right side of the screen and click "Wind Song." I think that's the song you're looking for!


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