Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Teach Kids About the Moon with “Why Dragonfly?”

I’m always looking for great ways to help my kids learn without knowing they’re learning! In other words, the method of instruction has to be fun, engaging and interesting to kids. Something that fits these criteria perfectly is the DVD, Why Dragonfly? What’s Up with the Moon? This exciting 30-minute show kept my kids’ attention for the entire program, and afterward they were asking me all kinds of questions about the moon!

Why Dragonfly? What’s Up with the Moon? is a combination of animation and live action. When kids Ryan and Emily are puzzled as to why they can see the moon during the day, a magical talking dragonfly named Archimedes helps them learn the answer! He whisks them off to the Space Science Institute in Boulder, Colorado, and the Denver Museum of Nature and Science to talk with real-life experts on space and the moon. They do fun learning activities together that kids at home will enjoy.

I encourage you to check out the website at www.WhyDragonfly.com because it includes a terrific activity guide for teachers and parents, which can help them explain more to children about the moon’s phases, rotation and orbit in a child-friendly way. And for the kids, the website includes games, coloring pages, and even a place where they can send questions in to Archimedes. You can also order Why Dragonfly? What’s Up with the Moon? on the website. It’s available in both DVD and VHS.

This award-winning program is a terrific way to introduce children to the features of the moon and encourage an interest in astronomy and space. I highly recommend Why Dragonfly? What’s Up with the Moon?!

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  1. What an interesting DVD. I think I might go check it out.


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