Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Help Children Ease Back into the School Year with PBS KIDS®!

Following are some tips from the experts at on getting kids and parents prepared for the new school year.

Starting the school year can be a time of great excitement ... and anxiety. Help calm your child’s fears with these teacher-approved hints that will get everyone ready for the big day:

Ease into the routine. The start of a new year can be stressful -- practice your routine a few days in advance.

Ask your child compelling questions. Specific questions help children picture what school will be like.

Describe what will happen on the first day. This will help ease nervousness or confusion

Tool up. Obtain the class supply list and take a special shopping trip, letting your child pick out a few special items.

For more helpful tips, visit And check out the new Back to School channel on the PBS KIDS GO! Video Player ( for
curriculum-based clips from ARTHUR, THE ELECTRIC COMPANY, MAYA & MIGUEL and more to foster learning!

Get your child back into the school groove with THE ELECTRIC COMPANY! Here are some suggestions from to keep the literacy learning going even out of the classroom.

Create a cozy, comfortable reading space with your child.
Set rules for this area in your home to maintain peaceful reading.

Let your kids catch you reading. Talk about what you read in newspapers, books, and magazines with your children so they understand the importance of reading.

Encourage your child to read aloud at home. Your child will learn to read with expression and understanding while sharing stories with you -- and siblings and grandparents, too!

A trip to the grocery store can reinforce reading skills.
Have your child write the grocery list, find the items using the store’s signs, and read product labels. You can also encourage healthy eating.

Thanks to PBS KIDS for these terrific back-to-school tips!

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  1. Thank you, Susan! This was perfect timing for us... the twins start preschool next week. We've been doing mock drop-offs and pick-ups with daddy playing the teacher too. Hopefully all that I can do beforehand will help with the transition.

    P.S. We picked up Lunchables to eat today - your recent post reminded me about them. The kids loved it.


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