Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A Unique New Product from CoverGirl: Outlast Lipstain

I received my second assignment as a BzzAgent, and the product they sent me is so unique! It’s made by CoverGirl, and it’s called Outlast Lipstain. When I heard that it’s not a lipstick or a lipgloss, it definitely piqued my curiosity. What else could it be? Well, the only way I can describe it is that it’s a marker for your lips! It has a tip on it just like your kids’ markers, and you just draw on the color! You can outline your lips and color in the lines for a perfect finish. Even the texture is like a marker. It’s very light, nothing at all like regular lipstick. Another thing I love about this product is that it’s water-based, so it won’t dry out your lips like alcohol-based products can.

Outlast Lipstain comes in 10 gorgeous colors. I tried the Teasing Blush, which is a very pretty rose color – dark enough to give me some color, but light enough so I didn’t look “made up.” And you can also control the intensity of the color by the number of coats you apply. If one coat is too light for you, apply a second one once the first coat dries. And if you prefer a glossy finish, you can always apply a clear lipgloss on top of Outlast Lipstain, and it won’t take off the color.

This would also be a great product for pre-teen and teenage girls who are just getting into makeup because it enables them to apply the color very precisely and can be as subtle as you’d like.

Outlast Lipstain is designed to last for several hours, although I did have to reapply it after my morning coffee. I wasn’t surprised, though; my coffee can eat through anything! Otherwise, I was very pleased with the coverage, color and feel of this product. Visit for more information about Outlast Lipstain and CoverGirl’s other products. They even have a fun “Makeup Advisor” on the site to help you find the best shades of CoverGirl products for you!

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