Saturday, July 18, 2009

Tales from the Back Pew: A Great New Series of Christian Books for Kids

My sixteen-year-old son left on a mission trip this morning, and I have the perfect book to explain mission trips to my five-year-old twins! It’s called Mission Trip Impossible, by Mike Thaler, author of the popular Black Lagoon books.

In Mission Trip Impossible, a boy is getting ready to go on a mission trip with other members of his church, but he’s not the least bit enthusiastic about it! He’s heard some terrible things about mission trips. They’re in jungles with wild animals that can eat you. And if the animals don’t finish you off, the cannibals will! And missionaries only go to the hottest or coldest places on earth. But the boy decides to brave it and go anyway. It turns out that it’s kind of fun, and everyone has a great time! Mission trips are pretty cool after all.

Mission Trip Impossible is just one of many books in Mike Thaler’s Tales from the Back Pew series. Other books include:

Preacher Creature Strikes on Sunday is about a boy who doesn’t want to go to church, but his mom makes him. Just like with mission trips, he’s heard that church is not much fun. You have to be really quiet and sit on hard seats. The songs are really long … and so are the sermons! But when he gets to church, he gets to go to Sunday school, where he makes lots of new friends, does fun things and has a snack! Now he wants to go to church all the time!

Easter Egg Haunt is a terrific holiday book that describes a fun Easter where a boy gets to decorate eggs at church and learn about the real meaning of Easter. (Hint: It has nothing to do with the Easter bunny.) Silly riddles and jokes are also included.

Church Summer Cramp tells about a retreat that the church youth group is going on. It doesn’t sound like much fun because it’s out in the woods, which is filled with mosquitoes and poison ivy! But you can also feel closer to God in the midst of nature, as the boy in this story finds out. And they won’t get lost because they’ve got GPS -- God’s Protecting Son!

The books in Mike Thaler’s Tales from the Back Pew series are a wonderful way to get kids excited about going to church and learning about God. They’re delightfully illustrated by Jared Lee. And more books in the series will be released by Zonderkidz soon! You can learn more about the Tales from the Back Pew series and Mike Thaler’s other books at Look for the books on Amazon or at your favorite bookstore!

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