Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I Love the Dale Tiffany Lamps and Much More at CSN Lighting!

I’ve always had a weakness for Dale Tiffany lamps. The unique designs and often vibrant colors really light up a room and yet make it feel warm and cozy. When CSN Lighting asked if I’d try one of their products – and I noticed they carried Dale Tiffany lights – I was ecstatic! I already have a beautiful Tiffany lamp in my living room, and gorgeous Tiffany hanging lights over my dining room table, but I wanted to jazz up another part of the house – my home office! And what better way to make me feel happy while working than to write in the light of a Dale Tiffany desk lamp! Look at this stunning lamp:

This is not your ordinary desk lamp! I love the elegant green color, the yellow shade and the whimsical dragonfly. It makes me smile whenever I see it! Here’s what CSN Lighting would like you to know about Dale Tiffany lamps and my Dragonfly Banker’s Lamp:

Dale Tiffany Favrile Accents Dragonfly Banker’s Lamp in Verde Green

Since 1979, Dale Tiffany has continued the legacy left by the original Louis Comfort Tiffany, whose timeless designs largely defined classical style décor in America. During his life, Louis Comfort Tiffany used revolutionary methods and techniques through wonderfully ornate, hand crafted designs that transcended time. Nearly 40 years after Louis Comfort Tiffany passed away, a company with a similar vision and passion for design, picked up right where Louis left off. Today, Dale Tiffany Inc. manufactures high quality, hand carved lamps, borrowing ideas from the past, while looking towards the future. Each lamp that is produced is a treasured keepsake, whether it is a budget style lamp or a Louis Comfort Tiffany replica. Dale Tiffany lamps are produced with the highest level of craftsmanship in mind, and are intended to be uniquely aesthetic accents to work in any interior. From ceiling lights to floor and table lamps, Dale Tiffany remains a leader in the home lighting industry, mainly because of their overall commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. The Dragonfly Banker’s lamp is no exception to Dale Tiffany’s design philosophy. With its beautiful verde green finish and delicately featured design, this is a banker’s lamp that is beautiful, durable and an eye pleasing addition to any home or office.

CSN Lighting carries more than 400 Dale Tiffany lamps, plus many other items by Dale Tiffany. But you don’t have to be a Dale Tiffany fan to shop at CSN Lighting. In fact, their Tiffany products are just a small part of their huge selection of ceiling lights, wall lights, ceiling fans, outdoor lighting, lamps, under-cabinet lighting, and recessed lighting. And, here’s the best part: I found their prices to be extremely reasonable. In fact, I was amazed at how low a lot of them were! Many items (like my Dale Tiffany Dragonfly Banker’s Lamp) even ship for free! And, if you’re in Canada, they’ll ship to you, too.

If you’re in the market for any kind of lighting for your home or workplace, please visit CSN Lighting first. (You’ll also be saving on gas by not going to the store!) I am so tickled about my new desk lamp, and I’ll definitely be going back to CSN Lighting when I need more lights or fans for my house. In fact, my mind is already working on what I can replace next!


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