Monday, July 27, 2009

Family Time with Ziggy Marley: Music to Make You Smile!

I recently won the Family Time CD by Ziggy Marley on a blog, and Ziggy now has a new HUGE fan! I just love the music on this CD. Check out the title track in this video:

Didn’t that make you smile? It’s just happy music! The CD jacket is even cool. It has gorgeous drawings inside of a caterpillar turning into a chrysalis and then a butterfly. All of the lyrics are provided. And there’s even a coloring page for children! But this music isn’t just for little kids. “Big kids” like me love it, too. It has that reggae sound that just makes you feel like you’re on an island vacation. No worries!

The 13 tracks on the CD include duets with Willie Nelson, Elizabeth Mitchell, Paul Simon, Laurie Berkner, and even Ziggy’s own children. Jamie Lee Curtis also reads two stories: “My Helping Hands” by Ziggy and her own “Is There Really a Human Race.”

Visit to hear more tracks from the Family Time CD. I know you’re going to love it. And a portion of the proceeds benefit the Chepstowe Basic School in Port Antonio, Jamaica.

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    Wow! Thanks for such a cool review!



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