Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Bond with Your Baby Before Birth (Book Review)

Do you believe that you can communicate with your baby before birth? Even before conception?

Do you believe that your baby chose you to be his or her mother?

Do you believe that your unborn baby can tell you his name, what his fears are, or even what he’ll be when he grows up?

Do you believe that your dreams during pregnancy may hold important messages?

Psychic Kim O’Neill would answer these questions with a resounding “Yes!” And she explains how you can do all this and more through her book, Bond with Your Baby Before Birth: How to Communicate with Your Unborn Child. Before becoming a mother herself in her forties, Kim had been communicating with the souls of unborn babies for her clients for years. In the preface to her book, Kim writes, “Think of me as your very own spiritual coach. As one mother to another, I’ll support you in building the all-important bond between you and your child, and facilitate your understanding of his needs, challenges, likes, and dislikes…and even his special destiny. Accessing this vital information will also help you to discover the specific reasons why your baby deliberately chose you as a mother, which can serve to alleviate fears and concerns you may have about the kind of mother you’ll be.”

Bond with Your Baby Before Birth provides step-by-step instructions to help you open the lines of communication between you and your unborn baby. Kim explains that your baby may communicate with you while you are sleeping (through dreams), as you go about your daily routine, and when you set aside private time to speak with your baby, which the author describes how to do through an eight-step process. Personal stories are scattered throughout the book that demonstrate this amazing mother-baby communication.

By now, some of you reading this are probably saying “This is incredible!” while others are saying “This is utter nonsense!” But before you make up your mind, I suggest you read Bond with Your Baby Before Birth (especially if you are pregnant or hoping to conceive) and apply Kim O’Neill’s suggestions. At the very least, it will make you more conscious of your relationship with your future child and help you enjoy the wonders and mysteries of pregnancy.

Kim O’Neill’s Bond with Your Baby blog: www.kimoneillpsychic.blogspot.com/.


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