Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Enjoy “Sweets ‘n’ Treats” with Tracey Singer

I’m always looking for new music for my kids. Child-friendly music must be lots of fun to keep children’s attention and be about topics that really interest kids. Tracey Singer’s debut CD, Sweets ‘n’ Treats, meets both qualifications! In fact, it also meets my third criteria for a great kids’ CD: My kids love it!

Tracey Singer is a San Diego-based singer-songwriter who wrote the songs on this CD based on his adventures as a work-at-home dad to four kids under the age of nine! He traded in his MBA and a management position with a Fortune 100 company to pursue his two passions: music and parenting. Says Tracey, “I get a kick out of two things: helping kids to see the humor and downright silliness in life at a tender age and, most of all, making them laugh.” And he does this admirably!

The second song on this CD, “Camping Trip,” is my boys’ absolute favorite! They ask me to play the song over and over again. That’s because Tracey understands kids’ humor. In one part of the song, the boy who’s camping accidentally steps on a snake, which startles him so much that he wets his pants! (Trust me, peeing your pants is a huge giggle-inducer for little boys.) In another verse, the boy is waving his toasted marshmallow around in the air to cool it off and it flies through the air, landing in Grandma’s hair! Needless to say, that visual picture sends my kids into laughing fits, too. This is just one of thirteen songs that will charm and delight you and your kids.

Visit www.traceysinger.com to read more about Tracey and his impressive musical credentials. Click on “Take a Listen” to hear excerpts from all thirteen songs on Sweets ‘n’ Treats. “Baggy Pants,” about kids who wear low-riding pants and flash their bottoms, is another hit with my boys! And “A Toddler’s Lullaby (Sweetest Dreams)” is one that kids will love to fall asleep to. Sweets ‘n’ Treats will be available on Tracey’s website, Amazon, CD Baby and iTunes on July 7, 2009!

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