Thursday, June 11, 2009

Blog Tour: Mommy Guilt Is Unnecessary Baggage

About a month ago, I did a review and giveaway for the children’s book, My Mommy’s on a Business Trip, by Phaedra Cucina. The book features a little girl whose mother has gone on a business trip. Although her mom gave her a big hug and kiss when she left, and calls every night, the little girl still misses her! The book talks about what Mommy might be doing on her trip, like riding on trains or flying in planes, staying in a hotel and eating out. It also explains that Mommy works to help their family and that it makes her happy! Best of all, this book assures children that their traveling mother loves them very much and always comes back.

Although the book mainly addresses the fears that children face when their mother’s gone for an extended period, the author also started hearing from mothers about the guilt they feel when they have to leave their kids. Phaedra realized that this subject needs more discussion. Women need to realize, she says, that “feeling guilty about your business travel is like carrying unnecessary baggage on to the plane.”

In a couple of weeks, Phaedra Cucina will be a guest writer on this blog where she’ll expand further on the topic of “mommy guilt,” especially as it pertains to business trips. She will share tips on how to help kids get more comfortable with your trips and talk in-depth about the silver linings of business trips. There’s more than one, she says, if you know where to look! Even if you’re not a business traveler, Phaedra’s tips and philosophies work well for all kinds of parental separation from the kids. Maybe you’ll even be able to take that well-deserved kid-free vacation!

I encourage you to leave your comments on this post with questions for Phaedra on managing kids and business travel, work/life balance, turning down the volume on mommy guilt, or on how to realize the not-so-obvious benefits of travel. I’ll pass them on to her to be answered in a future column! Feel free, as well, to share your own experiences -- positive or negative -- with business travel/work and parenting.

Visit to learn more about Phaedra Cucina and her excellent book, My Mommy’s on a Business Trip!

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  1. Great topic for discussion. I suffered from Mommy Guilt for years when traveling on business. One of the worst was when I stayed in Orlando and saw all the families in the hotel and I was sans my 3 girls. You feel this gnawing feeling of disconnection that hurts and then you imagine how much worse it must be for a young child. Now that they are grown women in their own rights, I think it was beneficial for them to not have me immediately accessible all the time, as they have learned to rely on their own inner strength which builds confidence and self-esteem.


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