Monday, May 18, 2009

GE Stainless Steel Appliances Are More Affordable Than Ever

Several months ago, our old refrigerator gave out. Needless to say, getting a new one was a priority! Even though our old refrigerator was white, we’d been thinking about getting a stainless-steel one when we replaced it. We purchased a new GE stainless-steel refrigerator, and we’ve been just thrilled with it! Fortunately, stainless-steel goes with just about anything, so it looks great with the rest of our white appliances. Our new fridge is roomy, well-organized inside, and works beautifully. Our model has a special section in the door to keep soda (or beer) cans, which is really handy. (It’s also removable if it’s not something you’d use.) The bins are big and roomy, and a gallon of milk fits in the door so it’s always within reach (important with young children). The freezer is much roomier than our old one, and we love the in-door ice maker.

Therefore, when a rep for GE contacted me recently about their newest promotion, I was more than happy to pass it along to you! From now until July 6, 2009, you can purchase select GE Stainless Steel Appliances for the same prices as their regular appliances at participating retailers! Go to to read the details and find a participating retailer near you. You can even enter their sweepstakes for a dream trip or new appliances! (I did!) You’ll also get a big kick out of their new Strong as Steel campaign. It’s a humorous take on how busy people like us can squeeze a workout into our days by using our kitchen appliances! Check out their hilarious video here:

Strong As Steel from Strong As Steel on Vimeo.

If any of your current appliances are getting old, I encourage you to check out GE’s Stainless Steel Appliances now while they’re running this special. Better to do your research now before your appliance dies and you’re desperate to find a replacement right away. We love our new GE stainless-steel refrigerator, not only for its functionality but also for how wonderful it looks in our kitchen. Visit


  1. Anonymous10:17 PM

    Hey, thanks for entering my giveaway and for following me :) I added your button to my Links page

  2. Ha! That video is hilarious! I can just imagine me working out in the kitchen - right!

  3. Excellent video dude!

  4. Uptownmom10:09 AM

    This is pretty nutty. I thought it was real at first.


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