Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Duck Bill Money Clip: A Father’s Day Gift He’ll Love

My husband never reads my blog (unless I decide to include investment tips!), so I can tell you something really cool that I got him for Father’s Day. A couple of weeks ago, I was contacted by a representative for the Duck Bill Money Clip. He told me that his product would be a huge hit with my husband for Father’s Day, but I needed a little convincing. My husband has never used a money clip, so how could I be sure he would be enthusiastic? So I decided to show the following video to him to see what reaction I got. My husband is a very visual person, so I knew I’d have to show him the Duck Bill Money Clip, not just tell him about it. Here’s the video he viewed:

Well, to my surprise, after viewing the video, my husband said, “You know, that looks really cool! I’d like to have one of those!” So, shhhhh, he’s now the proud owner of a Duck Bill Money Clip that he’ll receive on Father’s Day! Here’s what impressed us about it:

It can hold up to sixty folded bills or the same width of cash and credit cards, and it snaps back to its original form every time. It’s even patented! If you’ve ever had a money clip in the past and it has lost its hold, dumping all your money out, the Duck Bill Money Clip is specifically designed to keep on holding its grip every time.

It’s very classy looking. It comes in your choice of a matte or polished finish, and you can even have it engraved (up to 24 characters) for just $10 more! You can put your honey’s name on it for a very businesslike look (like I did), or engrave something fun, like “We Love Daddy!” from the kids. It arrives in a really manly-looking embossed steel gift box, ready to give.

The shipping is FREE in the United States via first-class mail. I’m always a huge fan of free shipping!

Their slogan is “Cool. Simple. Works.” and it perfectly describes the Duck Bill Money Clip. If you or your spouse is a money clip user, you may find this is the best one you’ve ever used! And if you’ve never used a money clip, the makers of the Duck Bill Money Clip feel confident that you’ll become a convert after just a week of use.

Father’s Day is only three weeks away, so hurry over to to order a Duck Bill Money Clip for your hubby (or yourself). It makes a very unique and special gift for someone special!

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