Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Book Review: 20 Easy Ways to Help Save the Earth

I keep hearing the words to that old song in my head, “Grease is the word, is the word, is the word…” Only, in my version, I’m hearing, “Green is the word…!” Yes, going green is hot these days, and hopefully it’s not a passing fad. By teaching our children about conservation, environmental clean-up, recycling, wildlife preservation and more, we can help them establish good habits that will be life-long and impact future generations.

Amarildo Pedro Rita, known as “Coach Pedro” to his youth soccer players, has seen firsthand how important it is to teach children about taking care of our planet. In his many years as both a professional soccer player in Brazil and as a youth soccer coach in Michigan, he’s been dismayed by the huge amounts of food wrappers, water bottles, athletic tape and much more scattered on the fields after a game. People were missing opportunities to recycle their bottles and cans, and they were harming the environment by not picking up their litter.

This inspired Coach Pedro and his wife, Susan Adam Rita, to write a book for kids called 20 Easy Ways to Help Save the Earth. The book is written in both English and Spanish in the hopes of appealing not only to all children, but especially to those in Hispanic communities, the fastest growing ethnic group in the United States. This delightfully illustrated book includes tips like:

- Surround your house and/or land with trees; it will help us have more clean oxygen.

- Protect wildlife by not giving animals human food and not taking them away from their natural habitat, since we need them to make the environment a better place.

- Do not waste electricity. Turn off lights, TV, or any utilities that are not in use when you don’t need them.

- Do not drive your car for a short distance, but ride your bike. It will make you feel better and healthier.

At the end of the book, it asks children, “How can I help save the earth?” It’s a great opener for conversations with kids about how small efforts can make a big difference in our world. 20 Easy Ways to Help Save the Earth is available from AuthorHouse and Amazon. You can also visit Coach Pedro’s website at www.coachpedro.com to find out more about him and his other exciting projects.

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