Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Freakatars! A Fun and Freaky Web Site for Kids

My five-year-old twins and I recently visited the Freakatars web site, a place where kids can create their own monster-like creatures! They had great fun going through the thousands of creepy body part choices to create a Freakatar from their own imagination. They picked various bodies, heads, arms, feet, noses, eyes, ears, and even tails and wings! They rotated and flipped the body parts and made them different sizes. Two of their final creations are posted on this page.

Once a child builds a Freakatar, it gets saved into his or her own Freakatars gallery. The creature is given a birthday (the date it’s made) and a name (created by the child from a collection of pre-selected names). The more Freakatars a child builds, the bigger his or her collection! Freakatars can also be printed out in color and cut into collector’s cards.

When kids invite their friends to join the site, they earn “Freakies,” which is currency that can be used to buy food (such as slime and smelly socks) to feed to their creatures. There’s also a “Break the Bank” game that can be played daily to earn more Freakies. Kids can view other children’s creations in the Freakatars community and rate them or select their favorites.

The Freakatars site is safe for children. Members under the age of 13 are only asked for their birthday according to COPPA guidelines. Members select a username and a password, and provide a parent’s email address so they’ll know an account has been created by their child.

The Freakatars site is currently in beta, so everything’s free for now. More features, services and merchandise will be added in the future. If you’re looking for something fun to do on a rainy day, log on to www.freakatars.com with your kids to help them create their own fun or freaky monster!

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  1. When they are a little older, your boys will love Spore. My oldest son loves it so much, he had a T-shirt made with one of his creatures on it.

  2. Freakatars will allow you to order t-shirts bearing your Freakatars and other cool merchandise like collector cards, hats and skateboard decks commencing 5/3/09.

    Kids 3-10 find Freakatars intuitive and easy!


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