Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Wett Giggles: A Fun Addition to Your Child’s Easter Basket!

I’m always looking for items for my twins’ Easter baskets that aren’t candy, but aren’t expensive either. These adorable Wett Giggles fit the bill perfectly!

Wett Giggles are soaps made from natural glycerin, essential oils and shea butter, and they have a toy/manicure brush encased in them! The manicure brushes are shaped like animals with cute Shakespearean names, like Hamlet the Frog, Juliet the Duck, and Beatrice the Cow. I just love the little duck for Easter!

My boys always have dirty fingernails, so the manicure brush actually makes it fun for them to clean under their nails. But if your children are too young for the manicure brush, there are two Wett Giggles toys encased in soap without the brush. Or, if you just want to get the toy/manicure brush without the soap, that’s available, too!

Hurry over to to get your Wett Giggles in time for Easter!

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  1. Anonymous3:20 PM

    These are sooo cute!! My little girl would especially love the cows!! adorable.


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