Saturday, March 28, 2009

Getting Back into Shape After Childbirth

Much to my dismay, my body has never been the same since I’ve had children. My formerly flat tummy is no longer flat. I’ve got stretch marks and saggy skin (especially after my pregnancy with twins). And ... well, I won’t go into any other details. Suffice it to say, this body hasn’t seen a bikini in years! Pregnancy does a lot of strange things to the body, both temporary and permanent. I always thought these changes were just something that I’d have to live with, but I’ve recently been introduced to several products that can help new moms counteract some of the negative impacts of pregnancy on the body and get back into shape faster. Keep in mind that you should NEVER go on a starvation diet or engage in a strenuous exercise program to try to look like some of your favorite celebrities after they’ve just had a baby. That’s just not healthy or safe! But there are programs available that can help you without hurting you.

Bounce Back Fast! Post Natal Core Conditioning (DVD)

This award-winning DVD by Helene Byrne, a nationally recognized perinatal exercise specialist, fitness author and certified personal trainer, is just what your body needs if you’ve recently had a baby. This gentle but effective program helps to rebuild the abdominal wall from the inside out, develop functional core stability and realign the spine. What I especially like about this DVD is that it isn’t your standard workout video. Helene really educates new moms about the physiology of their bodies.

The DVD also contains two different workouts. The first one, “Gentle First Moves,” can be started just a few days after birth. It helps the body to heal from labor and delivery, relieves discomfort, stretches sore muscles, protects vulnerable joints and ligaments, and even starts flattening and firming up that “jelly belly”! Once you can easily do this program, you’re ready to move on to the second workout, “Bounce Back Fast!” This helps you to develop deep core strength, realigns and lengthens your spine, repairs abdominal separation, restores pelvic floor muscles, and much more.

This DVD even includes a free exercise resistance band inside the package, which increases the effectiveness of the exercises. Bounce Back Fast is a fabulous and safe program that new moms can do in the privacy of their own home at their convenience. Each workout is about a half-hour, so it can be squeezed in while your baby is napping.

Helene Byrne is also the author of a book, Exercise After Pregnancy: How to Look and Feel Your Best, and founder of BeFit-Mom, which provides moms with expert information on prenatal and postpartum fitness and exercise for healthier pregnancies and recovery. Please visit to learn more about the Bounce Back Fast DVD, the Exercise After Pregnancy book and the BeFit-Mom program. (And you get a special price if you buy both the DVD and book directly from!)

The Hot Mommy Next Door (Book)

This book by Alison M. Fadoul chronicles her post-natal weight loss journey, sharing with readers how she quickly transformed into the “hot mommy next door” after giving birth to her second child without resorting to a fad diet. The Hot Mommy Next Door helps to motivate new mothers to get back into shape and lose the excess weight after pregnancy, and provides a sensible meal plan for reaching these goals. The five principles of the Smart Choices Eating Guidelines include: 1) Eat five small, well-balanced meals a day; 2) Eat two and a half to three and a half hours apart; 3) Eat “clean” meals consisting of lean protein, healthy fat, complex carbs, low sodium, and low to no sugar; 4) Drink eight to ten 8-ounce glasses of water a day; and, 5) Enjoy one “cheat meal” a week. Plenty of tasty recipes and shopping lists are included! Visit to learn more about The Hot Mommy Next Door and sign up for Alison Fadoul’s weekly ezine “Tips from the Hot Mommy Next Door.”


  1. Ah, if only I had the discipline to follow the Hot Momma diet! Prekids, I ran six marathons with a PR of 3:42. Now, I can't even run three miles straight. I will though. I will!

  2. I had a hard time getting back into shape after giving birth....sigh....

  3. Anonymous8:53 AM

    Good Informative Post! Most things to help with weight loss after pregnancy are not available to the common people who will have to face the challenge generally on their own. A new mother will be thinking about her baby and her focus should be eating healthily to regain strength and recover from the birth.

    If the diet is set for 2,000 calories that should be sufficient but it should always contain a tiny amount of fiber; the food she eats should consist of: Half as carbohydrates, 30 percent proteins, 10 percent fats.

    How To Lose Weight After Pregnancy


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