Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A Day at the Hospital

Austen, one of my five-year-old twins, came home from Pre-K on Friday and said that his eye was bothering him. We didn’t see anything visibly wrong with it, and he didn’t remember injuring it, so we decided just to watch it. As the weekend passed, his top eyelid got more and more swollen and purple. By Monday morning, he could barely open it.

I got him to the pediatrician at 8:30 that morning, figuring we were just dealing with an ordinary eye infection. Instead, he said, “I’m afraid it might be periorbital cellulitis. I’m calling the hospital to have him admitted.” Yikes! The doctor explained that if it wasn’t treated, it could permanently harm his vision and even spread to his brain. Unfortunately, the hospital right across from the doctor’s office and closest to our house no longer treated children, so I had to take Austen to a hospital across town where he was admitted.

It broke my heart as Austen had to undergo three attempts to insert an IV, as well as a CT scan. And then the waiting began while they dripped antibiotics into his veins and waited for the test results. Fortunately, the blood work turned out fine (no signs of a massive infection) and the CT scan was clear, too. Still, they said, they wanted him to spend the night and have 24 hours of antibiotics, so they sent us up to a room on the pediatrics floor.

Finally, around 5:30 that evening, a pediatric ophthalmologist showed up to check the eye. “It just looks like a bad stye to me,” he said. “He can discontinue the IV and just have oral antibiotics and an eye cream.” Poor Austen, exhausted by the day’s ordeal, fell asleep in the hospital bed while I waited for the admitting doctor to clear us to go home, which wouldn’t be until around 7:30. At last, we were allowed to leave.

We headed to the pharmacy around 8:30 to get the antibiotics. After the day we’d had, I wasn’t surprised to hear that they didn’t have the medication! We had to go to another pharmacy to pick it up. We finally arrived home, exhausted and starving, around 10:00. What a day!

I’m pleased to report that Austen is doing great today. He’s responding well to the antibiotics, and his eye is starting to look better. He’s full of energy…and I’m exhausted! But we’re very grateful that everything turned out well, and it wasn’t as serious as it could have been.

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  1. Anonymous8:59 PM

    Yikes! Never underestimate a swollen eye I guess. Glad it's over and it wasn't more serious. Hope you get some sleep!

  2. Anonymous9:01 PM

    Oh my gosh how scary and stressful! I'm so glad he's doing okay--hope you all get some rest!!!

  3. Susan,
    Kudos to you for being alert! I think that is the best thing we can do as parents. Be vigilant! We are the first line of defense.
    Thank you for your comments about my son. He is doing great, but we had a big scare!
    Kevin Montgomery


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