Thursday, January 22, 2009

“Trust Me” on TNT Will Hook You with Its Sharp and Witty Take on the Cutthroat Advertising Business

Taglines are big business in advertising. A great tagline makes you think immediately of the advertised product. For example:

Betcha can’t eat just one (Lay’s potato chips)
M’m! M’m! Good! (Campbell’s soup)
Just do it! (Nike)
Once you pop, the fun don’t stop (Pringles chips)
Leggo my Eggo! (Eggo waffles)
Breakfast of champions (Wheaties cereal)
There’s no wrong way to eat a Reese’s (Reese’s peanut butter cups)
Because you’re worth it (L’oreal cosmetics)

So, who makes up these taglines? Advertising agencies! And until I watched the upcoming new drama from TNT, Trust Me, I never knew that coming up with the perfect tagline was such a cutthroat business! I was recently offered a sneak preview of the first two episodes of Trust Me, and now I’m hooked! Let me tell you why.

First, there’s the hunky Eric McCormack. In Trust Me, he plays a completely different character from Will in Will and Grace. This time, he’s a married father of two who’s trying to balance all of the challenges of his demanding job and his family. I bet you can guess who gets the short end of the stick, especially when Eric’s character, Mason McGuire, is promoted to creative director—a job he’s not so sure he wants. You see, Mason’s known for being a nice guy, but nice guys tend to finish last in the advertising biz. So Mason’s got to start sharpening his teeth if he’s going to survive!

Tom Cavanaugh plays Mason’s best friend and professional partner, Conner. The two guys make a mean advertising team despite having completely opposite personalities and lifestyles. Conner is a single, fun-loving guy who’s brilliant at coming up with winning taglines—if only Mason can get him focused on the task at hand!

The new girl in town is Sarah Krajicek-Hunter, played by Monica Potter. She’s brilliant at what she does but always manages to rub everyone the wrong way, from her demands for her own office to her aversion to pitching shampoo! Every once in a while, she shows a crack in her high-maintenance façade—just enough for those around her to realize that there might be more to her than the argumentative, um, witch they see most of the time.

I love the supporting cast in Trust Me, too. Mason’s wife Erin, played by Sarah Clarke, shows signs of being much more complex than the typical “supportive wife” often portrayed on TV. Her brilliance in saving Mason’s account in the second episode will have you cheering for her. Griffin Dunne, as Mason’s boss, Tony Mink, is also a joy to watch, as are Tom and Hector (Mike Damus and Geffory Arend), the goofy junior members of the creative team.

I predict that Trust Me is going to be a huge hit for TNT, so make sure you’re in front of your TV set (or have your DVR programmed) for Monday, January 26 at 10 PM (ET/PT). Trust Me airs right after another winning show, The Closer, which will debut a brand-new episode at 9 PM.

And, speaking of taglines, I love the one they came up with for Trust Me: A new series about good guys and ad guys. Brilliant! Trust me, you’re gonna love this show.

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  1. Yay...I found your blog. Great design! Very professional and attractive. This new TV show sounds great...too bad I can't get it here in Africa. Oh well. I'm thinking about sending something in for the Chicken Soup..Family book...will have to pray for the right way to tell the story to avoid offense! Thanks for the opportunity! Be blessed!


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