Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Products to Keep Our Children Safe

Keeping our kids safe is one of the most important—and stressful—things that parents do. It’s a constant worry game. What if my child dashes out in front of a car in the parking lot? What if he wanders into the neighbor’s swimming pool? What if I lose him at the amusement park? All of these events could have deadly consequences for families.

I’m always amazed at the creativity and ingenuity shown by people in trying to resolve these safety issues. I’ve recently come across six products especially designed to help keep our children safe. Please check them out:

The Parking Pal

The Parking Pal is a magnet that attaches to the side of your vehicle. It has a picture of a colorful hand so that children know they should place their own hand on it while they’re out of the car. It’s easy to get distracted when you’re trying to unload groceries, find your keys or locate a cart in a store parking lot. When you teach your child to always place his hand on the Parking Pal when he’s not holding your hand, then you have the security of knowing that your child is in a safe place and not likely to be wandering away. Parking Pal magnets come in kid-pleasing designs, such as dinosaurs, fish and flowers. Visit to learn more and order a Parking Pal!

Safety: A Pool Owner’s Visual Guide DVD

I live in Florida, so I know about the dangers of swimming pools. Children die every day here after falling into pools. In fact, drowning is the number-one cause of death for children under age 5. The water is like a magnet to kids and attracts their attention. Seventy-five percent of the victims are babies between the ages of 12-25 months. If you, your neighbors or family members have a swimming pool, you’ve got to see this DVD. It’s only 10 minutes long, but it really could save your child’s life. Visit or call 1-877-TEN-MINUTES to order.


SafetyTats are temporary tattoos that can be applied to your children’s skin without water. They’re waterproof and cannot be easily removed by your child. When you write your cell phone number on the SafetyTat, your child is more likely to be returned to you if you become separated. SafetyTats can be safely used at the store, amusement parks, festivals or anywhere that your child will be with you out in public and runs the risk of becoming separated from you. Imagine if you found a child playing alone in the toy section of a store. Wouldn’t it be great if they had their parents’ phone number on their arm so you could call them to reclaim their child? This is a simple but ingenious product that every family should have. Visit


If your child started choking on a cookie at the park, would you know what to do? If she fell down and started bleeding, would you know how to treat her? The MEDBASICS Travel Pack was developed by medical professionals. It’s a small book that describes all the steps you should take for the most common childhood emergencies. Color-coded tabs help you quickly locate topics, such as CPR, Choking, Fever, Bleeding, Burns, and Poison. Best of all, it’s in a small little pack with a clip that can be attached to the stroller, diaper bag or purse. An inside pocket stores health documents, and there’s a page to record emergency contact information. It’s available in orange, red and gray. You can find the MEDBASICS Travel Pack—as well as Home Packs—at


If your kids are as active as mine, they’ve probably fallen down a time or two while you’ve been out and about, and you didn’t have a bandage handy for a bloody knee. But if you had a MediBuddy, you wouldn’t have that problem! A MediBuddy is a small case that holds everything you need in case of a minor accident or insect sting. The MediBuddy contains plenty of latex-free, kid-friendly bandages, a sting relief pad, gauze pads, antiseptic wipes, burn relief cream, antibiotic ointments and stickers. They’re all in a colorful little case that can be kept in the purse, glove compartment, diaper bag or anywhere you go! You can check them out at, along with the other great products they have. CONTEST ALERT: The Mom Buzz is giving away a free MediBuddy right now. Hurry over to before February 14, 2009, to enter!


If your child has food allergies, celiac disease, asthma, a seizure disorder or some other health or medical condition that people need to be aware of, head on over to to check out a product line that will be of great interest to you! I was amazed at the variety of products they offer: wristbands, lunch bags, travel packs, back packs, stickers, emergency cards, snack bags, and more. If your child is allergic to peanuts, wouldn’t you feel better knowing that he had a “peanut allergy” lunch bag and wristband so that others will immediately know not to give them a bite of their peanut-butter cookie? These are great products that help to give parents peace of mind.

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