Friday, January 23, 2009

Helping Preschoolers Handle Bedtime, Brushing Teeth and Other Daily Routines

If you’ve got toddlers or preschoolers, you know how stubborn they can be! Getting them to do what’s good for them, such as going to sleep, brushing their teeth, getting dressed and eating the right foods, can become a fierce battle of wills that frustrates both parent and child. So, parents are always looking for solutions to help make these activities easier.

One company, Haydenburri Lane, has created a series of products that focus on healthy habits and routines for children. Their Rascals & Routines brand for preschool children is a learning system of books, music, media, and toys that introduces children to a world of lovable characters who turn daily routines such as bedtime, morningtime and mealtime into playful adventures! Their products are centered on five loveable characters:

Bubbles the purple hippo loves bathtime and getting clean!
P.J. the blue bear loves to get dressed and go to bed!
Chomper the crocodile likes to take care of himself by eating right and brushing his teeth.
Paige the elephant loves storytime and reading!
Rory the tiger is very brave and likes to try new things.

These colorful characters appear in adorable books and as plush animals to help your children with their daily routines. My twins received a special item called the Carry Me Everywhere Suitcase. It’s a mini-suitcase filled with five finger puppets of each of the characters, a super-soft fleece/satin blanket and a Bedtime Safari book. The first night we got them, Austen was already snuggled up in bed with Bubbles the hippo and the blanket! He fell in love with the characters, as well as the book we read before going to bed. And Haydenburri Lane will be developing more products in the near future.

Until February 1, 2009, they’re offering $5 off the Carry Me Everywhere Suitcase. Just visit their site at, click on the “Shop” button and add the suitcase to your cart. Enter the code safarimoms to receive your discount. The Rascals & Routines products are great tools for helping parents handle life with little ones.

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  1. Anonymous12:18 PM

    That is a cute idea!
    My son is okay about brushing teeth but bath time is always a struggle! He is 4!


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