Thursday, December 18, 2008

Start a New Christmas Tradition with Elf Magic Elves

Our family has a new Christmas tradition, and I’m so excited to share it with you. Magic elves have taken up residence at our house! These elves show up at our home between Thanksgiving and Christmas, having traveled all the way from the North Pole. (You can tell that Santa sent them by the snowflake on their hearts, placed there by Santa.) Our elves love to play with our kids during the day. Each night, they head back to the North Pole to help Santa and let him know whether the boys have been naughty or nice that day. After the elves return to our house in the early morning hours, they always find a new place to hide. When the kids wake up, they have a blast trying to locate the elves’ new hiding place!

If you’d like some elves to show up at your house, have your children write a letter to Santa asking him to send a special elf (or two!). Then tell the kids to put crackers and water out because those are the elves’ favorite treats! In the meantime, Mom and Dad, head on over to to make sure your children’s wishes come true! Select your choice of boy or girl elves with various hair and skin colors. There are also smaller “pocket elves” that your children will love. And finish up your Christmas shopping by adding adorable tree ornaments, hair bows, T-shirts, picture frames, snow globes and plates to your cart. If you’re Jewish, order a wonderful Hanukkah Helper!

Trust me, you will fall in love with these adorable elves. They are beautifully made, and you can even get accessories to go with them, such as elf clothes, mini sleeping bags and pet reindeer! Each Elf Magic elf comes with a poem that explains his visit, along with some North Pole Snowflakes that kids can sprinkle on him each night so he can return to Santa.

I encourage you to create your own traditions with your family’s elves. Do they like to hear a special Christmas song? Perhaps they want your children to leave them a particular kind of Christmas cookie. Take a picture of your elves in funny places and create your own “elf album”! Your Elf Magic elves will likely return to the North Pole when Christmas is over, but if your children miss them, they can always make a special appearance for birthdays. Happy holidays!

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