Monday, October 13, 2008

A Great Offer if You Aspire to Be a Successful Work-at-Home Mom!

I’ve written before about how much I love being able to work at home in a career that I love (writing). I can’t imagine ever going back to a structured office! I get to set my own hours, plan my daily schedule, spend more time with my kids, make my own decisions, and so much more.

Debbie LaChusa is a work-at-home mom who has really inspired me over the years to reach for my dreams. She is now making SIX FIGURES through her various home-based businesses, and yet she works fewer hours than she ever did working in the corporate world. As Debbie has shared with me, “One of the wonderful benefits of owning your own business is that your future is in YOUR hands and not resting at the mercy of a large corporation or the stock market.” That’s great advice especially during these difficult economic times. Personally, I’d rather be in control of my own financial destiny rather than worrying that I was going to get downsized from a regular job.

The great news is that Debbie has just released a new book that will tell you how she’s managed to achieve her success. The book is called The Career-at-Home Mom, and if you order it by Friday, October 24, 2008, for just $19.95, you will receive more than $1,900 worth of bonuses to help you build your business and be more successful! I just checked out everything Debbie is offering, and it is really unbelievable. These bonuses all support Debbie’s overall mission to help women (and some men, too!) build a successful business that enables them to make a great living doing what they love while being able to be home with their family and have time to enjoy life.

Plus, of course, you get Debbie’s great book, The Career-at-Home Mom, which is a virtual “roadmap” for anyone wanting to create their own successful business. In the book, Debbie openly shares the struggles, challenges, successes and lessons she has learned along her 19-year journey as a career-at-home mom, so you can learn from her experiences and shorten your own path to success. Debbie also interviewed 23 other successful career-at-home moms and includes their stories, tips and advice in the book. Because they all run different types of businesses, this really adds to the depth and value of the book.

Whether you’re a mom wanting to start a business so you can stay home with your kids, a mom wishing to take your current business to the next level, or a woman or man who’d love to learn the secrets to creating a lifestyle-driven, 6-figure business, I highly encourage you to check out this book and all the extra goodies you get when you purchase it by October 24th for just $19.95. Click here to order and check out the bonuses!


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