Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Families in Baton Rouge Are Still Reeling from Hurricane Gustav

The good news about Hurricane Gustav is that it was no Katrina. New Orleans fared far better this time. However, that doesn’t mean that Louisiana families haven’t been adversely affected by the storm. Angelice Tyson of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, sent me the following update on her family’s plight:

It’s two days post-Gustav and still no energy (hoping to have it in a week, if we are lucky). Thanks to portable generators, we are somewhat comfortable. One window A/C unit and some fans do wonders for south Louisiana heat & humidity.

So, what is next? To stay cool we need gas for the generator. The lines at the gas stations are an hour or more, and grocery stores are just beginning to open, not to mention they have nothing on the shelves. Thank goodness for churches that give away free hot meals and supplies. We enjoyed a nice warm lunch today.

Kids are getting used to the new routine. It certainly was not what we were planning on this week. Yesterday was supposed to be the first day at their new school. Needless to say, they have a lot of energy to burn off. Oh, how I wish I was 10 years younger with three toddlers. :o)

We spend our evenings cleaning up the yard, kids included. Good quality family time for us. Funny how I have time for cleaning on a daily basis and other things. No TV or internet = more time to do things around the house.

Okay, my thumbs are tired. Looking forward to the days ahead. Thank you for your prayers.

Angelice is very grateful that her family and her home are safe, but it will be a while before their lives will get back to normal. Angelice is the owner of Gemini Greetings, a line of greeting cards for families of twins and multiples, so she’s hoping to get back to business very soon! Please lend your emotional and/or financial support to families like the Tysons who were in the path of Hurricane Gustav.

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