Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Fun at the Library

Welcome to National Library Week! My family and I have just discovered the joys of the library. We kind of got away from it for a few years, assuming that the Internet and TV could meet our every need for information and entertainment, but we recently started heading back to the library, and now we’re addicted!

My eighteen-year-old loves music, so he goes through the library’s stacks of CDs so he can check out various artists and their songs to see if he likes them. It’s a great way to “preview” a CD or a new group he’s heard about without having to buy it (and then waste his money if he decides he doesn’t like it).

My fifteen-year-old likes to watch movies, so he explores the library’s movie selection. It’s less expensive than going to the video store, and he has found some real treasures that he has missed. He recently had to set up a booth on Russia at his school’s World Fair, and he found a National Geographic DVD about Russia, which he played on a portable DVD player as part of his display.

My husband likes to catch up on his TV shows, so lately he’s been getting the older seasons of Stargate SG-1 to watch. And I like to discover PBS movies I haven’t seen, such as the various re-enactments of Jane Austen novels.

Finally, my four-year-old twins benefit most of all. We attended the library’s weekly story and craft time after preschool for six weeks. And they love to pick out videos and books to bring home. It’s a great way to read old favorites (Berenstain Bears, Franklin, etc.) while uncovering new books they’ve never seen before. It also gives us a revolving selection of children’s movies for our car’s DVD player.

There are so many more things at the library that we have yet to uncover—the latest novels, audio CDs, and much more. I hope you’ll support your local library and encourage your children’s love of reading. Make a visit to the library several times a month and discover the entertainment and information that awaits you there!

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