Sunday, March 02, 2008

Feeling Like Peter

I felt sort of like Peter the apostle this week, and not in a good way. Remember how Peter denied his relationship with Jesus—three times in a row? Of course, afterward, he knew what a terrible thing he’d done and he felt horrible about it. But at the time, he just couldn’t seem to stop himself from doing something wrong. That’s how I feel. Oh, I didn’t do something as bad as denying Jesus, but I failed to do the right thing when the opportunity presented itself—over and over again.

First, every day when the twins and I were driving home from preschool, Caleb asked me to take them to the park. And every day, I had a different excuse not to go. The worst one was, “Don’t you want to go home and have your snack?” I can’t believe I was encouraging them to load up on ice cream instead of exercise! Second, Caleb asked me to go outside and play hockey with them. “No, it’s too cold,” I told him. Of course, we could have just put on some jackets! My third “sin” was almost not going to the beach today. My husband had decided to take the twins, but told me I could stay home and work if I wanted. It was a gorgeous day, but I actually debated over my decision. I thought about all the deadlines I had to meet and seriously considered sitting at the computer instead of spending a couple of hours playing with my kids at the beach. Thankfully, I came to my senses and decided to go!

Then, it occurred to me . . . no wonder my teenagers never want to leave the house! They prefer to sit in their rooms and play video games or listen to music. What kind of example have I been setting for them? I’ve been shooing them out of the house to enjoy the outdoors . . . and then heading back inside to sit in my own room. And now my preschoolers will be on the same path if I don’t repent and mend my ways!

If Peter can move on from his mistakes and become one of the greatest disciples of the early church, perhaps it wouldn’t be so difficult for me to head to the park, take a walk, play a little hockey or go to the beach. My boys will only be four once. We’ve only got one life to live in this beautiful world. It’s time to head outside and play more often.

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