Thursday, December 27, 2007

Out with the Old and in with the New

“Out with the old; in with the new.” That’s usually the motto at our house after Christmas when we attempt to put away our gifts and find that we need to make more room for them! Closets and drawers must be gone through to rid them of clothes that are too small, toys that are no longer played with, and books and CDs that can be resold.

This is always a little bit of a “downer” for me. This year, I finally gave up the last of my size 6 pants, resigned to the fact that my spreading hips will probably never go back to their pre-pregnancy width. It’s also sad to see all the baby clothes and toys go as I know I’ve given birth to my last babies. We recently gave away the high chairs and the double stroller used by our now-four-year-old twins. On the plus side, I think about the joy they will bring to another family (as well as the tax benefits of a charitable donation!).

My mom usually helps in cleaning out our closets. She’s a great organizer with a flair for decorating, and she can be ruthless in paring our wardrobes down to the bare essentials! When cleaning out the twins’ toy box, we’ve found that it can’t be done in their presence. Toys that haven’t been played with in a year are suddenly their “favorites” when faced with the prospect of losing them.

But it feels good to de-clutter. A new year calls for a new start, whether it’s in big ways, such as a change of career, or in small ways, such as organizing closets. However, my New Year’s resolution is to do the closet cleaning a little more often in 2008 so it’s not such a monumental task next December! May you have a wonderful new start in 2008, too.


  1. Hi Susan,

    Me again! I am commenting as a reminder that we are now a quarter of the way through 2008 and I am wondering how your de-cluttering resolution is going?

    Are you keeping to your word and doing it more often? :)


  2. Hi Kirstie,
    Thanks for the reminder! As a matter of fact, we did just drastically pare down all the books on my twins' bookshelf, tossing those that were too beat up and donating those that were too "young" for the boys now. My mom is also visiting this weekend, so I plan to enlist her help again in giving my closet another cleaning! Thanks for holding me accountable!


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