Thursday, November 01, 2007

Happy (Belated) Halloween

I hope that everyone had a fun and safe Halloween! My twins wanted to be “scary” this year, so they dressed up as skeletons (see photo). They were a big hit! We had beautiful trick-or-treating weather as Tropical Storm Noel was passing by, so we enjoyed the wonderful breezes. In Florida, it’s nice to have a little cool weather for Halloween! Although there were lots of trick-or-treaters in the neighborhood, our house only got two groups. We live on a cul-de-sac, and unfortunately our neighbors decided not to hand out candy, so the dark porches seemed to discourage the candy-seeking kids from heading our way. That’s not a good thing as now the twins are begging for all the left-over candy (on top of what they collected) – and the rest of us have started grazing on it, too. Watch out waistlines!

The holiday season has officially begun. Before you know it, Thanksgiving will be here, and then Christmas. We have three December birthdays in our household, too, so there is a lot to get done. I actually bought my first Christmas CD of the year the other day! (I try to add a few new ones to my collection every year.) Hopefully, we can manage to control the chaos this season and appreciate the many blessings we’ve received this year. Happy belated Halloween to you and your little goblins, and may the holiday season bring much joy!


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