Friday, October 05, 2007

Helping the Father-to-Be Understand Pregnancy

I’m sure you’ve seen those “pregnancy bellies” that are supposed to give men a taste of what it’s really like to be pregnant. Chances are, however, that your husband wouldn’t be caught dead wearing one! So, if you still think your husband needs to get a clue about what you’re going through, and could use a few gentle nudges about how to pamper you while you’re pregnant, then I suggest you buy him the book, A Labor with Love by Leon Scott Baxter.

The book is subtitled “A Dad-to-Be’s Guide to Romance During Pregnancy,” but the author makes it clear that romance doesn’t include merely sex. As he advises husbands, “Rub her shoulders. Wash the dishes. Clean up after dinner. You’re providing. Talk to the bulge in her belly. Tell her how much you love her and the baby. You’re showing signs of protecting. And, that’s romance during pregnancy. When she feels provided for, you are meeting her emotional needs, allowing her to reduce her levels of stress and to feel loved.”

A Labor with Love is chock-full of valuable information and lists for the expectant dad, such as “9 ways to tell her she’s beautiful,” “10 ways to enjoy quality time with mom-to-be,” and “10 ways to ease her load.” It then provides very specific “week-by-week romance suggestions” so there’s something that every man will feel comfortable initiating. Baxter acknowledges that men often have difficulty with romance, whether their wife is pregnant or not, but when they are able to drop their preconceived notions about what constitutes romance for a woman, they’ll find it’s not as difficult as they think. A husband might be surprised to learn that just spending some time alone with his wife or giving her an impromptu massage will make her happy! And that is especially true when a woman is pregnant and feeling stressed by her surging hormones, having a hard time sleeping, etc.

If you’re pregnant, give a copy of A Labor with Love to your husband. (If you need to trade sex or an uninterrupted football game viewing to get him to read it, then do it!) And this book is not just for first-time daddies . . . it even describes how subsequent pregnancies will differ from the first. Visit Amazon or to read more and order. This book also makes a great shower gift for expectant couples.


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