Friday, September 14, 2007

I Love Mr. Food

I made what’s getting to be my monthly trip to Mr. Food’s today. In case you’re not familiar with Mr. Food’s, it’s one of those places where you assemble your meals at their store. I simply go on the Internet to view the month’s menu, pick out my selections, and pay by credit card. Then I pick a day and time for my “session” and go in to assemble my meals. I love it because it takes care of the problems I always have in preparing meals for my family, such as:

Lack of creativity—They come up with the greatest dishes, such as Chicken Napoli in Phyllo, Orange-Ginger Pork Roast, and Shrimp and Tortellini in Lobster Sauce.

Lack of ingredients—They have all the ingredients right there. I don’t have to make up a shopping list to make sure I have enough spices, cheese, pasta, meat, etc., in the house.

Lack of time to prepare—I can prepare 7 meals for my family in an hour. You can’t beat that!

Lack of desire to chop—I hate cutting up chickens, slicing vegetables, peeling onions, and so on. They do all the prep work.

Lack of patience for a complicated recipe—All of their recipes are so easy to follow that even a cooking-phobic like me can follow them. All the ingredients and utensils are laid out. Even the proper measuring spoons are placed with each item. It’s easy! (And they clean up after me, too!)

Lack of cash—When you first add up the total, it looks like you’ve spent a lot. But if you actually add up all the ingredients and consider that each meal feeds 4-6 people, it’s really a value.

Lack of time in the day—On those days when I realize at 4:00 that I still haven’t figured out something for dinner, I simply take one of my Mr. Food packages out of the refrigerator or freezer and prepare it according to the directions. Most of the meals just involve sticking them in the oven.

Best of all, their ingredients are fresh and yummy, and I have a Mr. Food’s right around the corner from my house. Being that my specialty is normally Hamburger Helper, my family is eternally grateful that I found this place!


  1. We have something called Dream Dinners here, and I am thinking of trying it for the same reason. Thanks for this little review of these kinds of services. Makes sense to me. I know I got some meals from a company like this from a friend when I had my fourth baby--and it was SO great (he was in the NICU, and I didn't have to worry about meal preparation at all).

  2. What a great gift idea for new parents! The gift-giver can either assemble the meals and bring them over, or the staff at Mr. Food's will even assemble them for you. This is also a great gift idea for someone who's recovering from surgery or an illness of some kind.


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