Friday, August 24, 2007

High Drama at Preschool

It’s funny how certain things are such a "big deal" when you’re only three. My twins just started a new year of preschool, and this is the first time they’ve had a schedule that includes eating lunch at school. A hot-lunch menu was sent home, so I read each of the items to the boys. Austen, who will eat almost anything, wanted to buy them all. On the other hand, Caleb, who is extremely picky, only wanted to buy a few meals. So I sent a check for Austen to have hot lunch for the next 8 school days, and Caleb to have only a few. Well, you should have seen the tears from Austen on the first day when he found out that Caleb got to take his (new) lunch box, and he didn’t! I tried to explain, of course, that he was having a very special chicken nuggets lunch at school, but as he didn’t actually have the lunch in front of him, the concept of "waiting for the good stuff" was too difficult to comprehend. Considering that I had plopped down $24 for his next 8 lunches, however, I really didn’t want to give in and let him bring lunch. So, I put up with the tears and sent them to school. When I went to pick them up at the end of the school day, their new teacher met me in car line and said that the boys did great on their first day, with one exception. Austen, who had the hot lunch he complained about, ate well. But Caleb, who got the coveted home-packed lunch, ate nothing! Go figure . . .

On the second day, I picked the boys up from school and asked how their day went. They told me about some of the fun they had, and then Caleb chimed in, "And I peed on the playground, right on the mulch!" I was stunned! "Did you really pee on the playground, Caleb?" He assured me that he had. "Did the teacher see you?" I asked. He told me that she hadn’t. Thank God I wasn’t going to be getting a call from their brand-new teacher on the second day of class informing me that my son had peed on the playground. Why would he do that? Then I remembered the time when we had just arrived at Home Depot, and Austen announced that he had to pee NOW! There was no time to run him into the store and find the restrooms. We allowed him to discreetly pee in the grass in the parking lot. Little did we realize what a big impression that had made on Caleb! So, Caleb was sent to school today with very strict instructions to no longer pee on the playground!

Today is the third day of preschool. I’m almost afraid to pick them up. What will I hear next? Stay tuned . . .


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