Friday, May 25, 2007

A Tribute to Teachers

Today marked the last day of my twins’ first year at preschool. It was a sad day for all of us, especially—incredibly—for their teacher! How many people are truly blue when their job has come to an end, at least for the summer? Most of us would be jumping for joy if we had a couple of months off from work. But not her . . . she truly loves what she does. And she dearly loves "her" kids.

When I was first shopping around for preschools, I visited several where the teachers and aides just seemed to be doing their jobs and getting through the day. There was no joy on their faces. They just looked tired. But when I went to this particular preschool, there were smiles all around. And hugs . . . lots of hugs! When the kids would go into the classroom, the teacher would say, "Look at all those beautiful faces!" And when she’d escort them out to the car at the end of the day, she’d tell them she loved them and shower them with kisses. These kids just felt cherished all day long.

And they learned so much, too! Some people might criticize me for placing my twins in part-time preschool at age 3. Perhaps I should be spending all day with them. But I know in my heart that my boys benefited so much more from being with an additional person who loves them. They made an ant farm, and watched the ants make tunnels in the dirt. They kept caterpillars in a jar, and observed as they spun cocoons and became butterflies. The children came home with a new song on their lips every week. These are the types of activities I don’t always have the patience or creativity to do. Their little intellects and spirits just blossomed from all the special things they did at school. They hated to see the weekends arrive!

When we got home from preschool today, I found a note in one of the backpacks. It said, "Dear Mr. and Mrs. Heim, Thank you for sharing your beautiful, beautiful boys with me. They both left their fingerprints on my heart! Love, Mrs. C." Here’s to all the teachers in the world like Mrs. C, who love and care for our children, and deeply bless the lives of their parents.


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