Sunday, February 18, 2007

Pooped Out on Potty Training

Okay, I admit it—I’m a failure at toilet training. I can state with absolute conviction that I will never write a book called, How to Succeed at Potty Training. My twin boys turned three in December, and we’re still struggling! We’ve tried it all: the big potty and the little potty; stickers; Pull-ups; “big-boy pants”; no pants at all; withdrawn privileges; bribes; Elmo’s potty video; the potty book. None have worked. If we take the boys to the potty, they will pee, but they continue to “go” in their pants, as well. Part of the reason for our failure, I feel, is that they’re twins. I’ve been told that frequency is the key—taking them to the potty as much as possible—but with two of them, we could spend all day in the john! And cleaning up accidents when they’re both doing it can get exasperating and exhausting after a while. My boys know what to do, but they just won’t commit to it yet.

I know one day that little potty-training switch will finally be flicked to the “on position” in their brains, and they’ll just make up their minds that the time is right. And, certainly, that day can’t be far off! (The pressure is on now as they won’t be able to continue with preschool in the fall if they’re not potty-trained.) But in the meantime, we sigh anew as we trudge out to buy yet another mega box of diapers. Once the twins are trained, we tell ourselves, my husband may actually be able to afford that big-screen TV he’s been drooling over!

But for now, I’m trying not to sweat this last little remnant of my children’s baby years. Once they graduate to big-boy pants, they will truly cross the threshold from babyhood to boyhood. And part of me—a very small part—may even miss those diapers that will never grace our household again.


  1. Hi, Susan, stopping by after an old SIRS friend told me about your books! Congrats!

  2. Holly1:46 PM

    Hi, Susan, stopping by your blog after an old SIRS friend told me about your books! Congratulations!


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