Monday, January 22, 2007

You Know You're a Mother When . . .

You get more excited about buying a new toilet than a piece of fine jewelry.

You don’t hesitate in the least to swipe a booger from your child’s nose with your finger.

You know all the words to the Caillou and Blue’s Clues theme songs.

You cut up your spouse’s food in little pieces.

You forego buying badly needed new underwear for yourself in exchange for an adorable little outfit for your child.

You can’t remember the last time you painted your toenails.

You can unfold a stroller in two seconds flat!

You’re ecstatic when fruit snacks are 2-for-1 at the store -- and you have a coupon!

You give up your subscription to Cosmopolitan and get a three-year subscription to Parenting magazine.

Your favorite piece of jewelry says "Mommy" on it, and only cost $10.

Your washing machine never stops running.

There’s always a "surprise" under the couch or in the cushions (which you discover by following the odor)!

The cat no longer comes in the house when the kids are awake.

You let your gym membership lapse and sign up for Baby Ballet class.

You have thousands of photos of your kids, but not a single one of yourself.

Your comfy flannel pajamas look much more appealing than your naughty lingerie.

You buy bargain furniture because you won’t feel as bad when the kids destroy it.

You can’t wait to escape your troublesome toddler for an evening out, and then miss him terribly within the first half-hour.

You put your child’s name on the preschool waiting list -- and she’s only six weeks old!

You’re constantly checking the back seat of the car when you’re driving alone because it feels like you’re forgetting "something."

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  1. AWESOME!!!
    Happy Mother's day!

    (ps My maiden name was Heim. Wonder if we are related some how)


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