Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Birthdays and Barf

Where have I been lately? Celebrating birthdays and cleaning up barf. The twins’ third birthday was last Saturday. Austen threw up at the dinner table, and spent the rest of the night doing the same. He and I spent a very uncomfortable night trying to sleep on old blankets and towels on the living room floor! Sunday night was Caleb’s turn, and another night for me on the floor. Monday, my husband came home from work with the same afflictions. On Tuesday, my oldest son celebrated his 17th birthday by barfing all day. My parents made the unfortunate choice of visiting on Sunday, so now they’re suffering, too. Only my second son and I have thus far escaped the wrath of this mighty bug! Will we be next? Stomach flu is miserable. Several days later, my husband and the twins are still sore and achy, sleeping a lot. Times like these force us all to slow down and get some rest—certainly not a bad thing. Lying like a slug on the couch and watching Christmas specials on TV (during those rare waking hours) is actually kind of fun. Okay, not exactly fun, but a nice change of pace from our normal crazy run around the rat race. If you’re home sick right now, or find yourself in that position in the near future, alleviate your suffering by taking the time to appreciate a slower pace of life and a chance to do absolutely nothing but take care of yourself. You deserve it!


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