Tuesday, October 17, 2006

My Fear of Driving

My son is almost seventeen, and he still doesn't have his driver's license. He's had his learner's permit for over a year. He's passed his driver's ed course, but still I haven't taken him to get the license. Part of the reason is insurance costs. I know that having a 16-year-old driver on our policy will send our rates sky-high. But that's not the full reason why he still doesn't have his license. It's FEAR. Not his...mine. Is a 16-year-old really mature enough to handle the complex situations that arise when driving? Heck, many 50-year-olds I see on the road don't appear to have the common sense to navigate traffic. I've also heard that traffic accidents are the number-one cause of death among teens. I believe it. I have a whole head full of news stories where teens have died due to reckless driving and stupidity. And so I want to put off the inevitable as long as I can. Yes, it's a hassle to still be driving him everywhere he wants to go, especially since I have three younger children to run around. But for me, it's worth the peace of mind. I'll probably let him get his driver's license for his 17th birthday, but there will be restrictions. No driving on the freeway at first. No more than one passenger in the car. No fiddling with the radio. Call me paranoid, but I prefer to think of myself as a mother who loves her son dearly.


  1. Make sure you don't limit him too much... That's what results in most accidents!

    It may seem counter-intuitive but letting him expand his skills (like highway driving at a safe time) will go a long way in building his skills and experience.

  2. I know, you are absolutely right! Intellectually, I know this is best. I think the solution is just to have another adult I trust go with him because it's still just too nerve-wracking for me. But I agree with you that it's better for my son to get as much experience in as many situations as possible. I just have to face my fears and let it happen. The more he drives, the more confident I'll be in his abilities.


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