Friday, September 29, 2006

Why Moms of Toddlers Need a Good (Padded) Bra

Moms are usually advised to get a good bra when they're nursing to protect against leakage, provide support and prevent sagging, but many women don't realize how important it is to get a decent bra when their kids enter the toddler years! The reason has nothing to do with nursing, but everything to do with PROTECTION! Think "padding," moms, and the more the better! I can't begin to count the number of times my toddler twins' pointy little elbows and knees have sent me into spasms of agony when they've stabbed my very tender pre-menstrual breasts. And I'm sure my toddlers aren't the first to play the game, "Bruise the Mommy." In fact, if it wouldn't make me a social outcast outside the soccer field, I'd invest in a good set of leg, arm, chin and mouth guards, too. (As I write this, I am recovering from the fat lip I received when Caleb's hard head connected with my mouth.) These days, my shorts and dresses are reserved for in-house use only after bony toddler limbs have made a network of bruises up and down my legs. Of course, I love it when they want to crawl on my lap for a big hug, but at what age will they learn the art of climbing gently? So, mommies of toddlers, invest in the best padded bra you can find! The bonus is, you'll have the best "silhouette" of your life!


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