Monday, September 18, 2006

When Little Ones Are Sick

One of the twins just came down with his first preschool-related illness. The twins are almost three now and have been so healthy just being home with me, but now that they've started school, aka the germ factory, I knew they'd start coming home with lots of "bugs"! Austen had this scary "barking" cough on Friday, and it escalated into a full-blown cold with fever this weekend. (I'm sure that his twin brother will be next!) The question that's been mystifying parents for ages is: Why do kids always get sick on the weekends? Not only does it ruin any fun plans, but it often requires us to pay a visit to the urgent care center because the doctor's office is closed. When your child is screaming from the pain of an ear infection on a Friday night, he needs relief NOW, not on Monday morning. It's hard to watch them suffer. It's most frustrating because they can't describe their pain, so you're contantly trying to guess whether it's the ears, the throat, a headache, etc. And they look so pitiful when they just lay around on the couch and moan, definitely not their normal pace of life. With four kids, I've had many nights of rocking a sick child to sleep, scrubbing puke out of the carpet, and averaging about 2 hours of sleep. But it's heart-warming that they want only us when they're feeling bad. The trust they place in us to make them "all better" is really a gift. Just by sponging a sweaty brow and bringing a cool drink, we become heroes to our least until they're back to their old selves again!


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