Friday, September 08, 2006

Letting Go Without Worry

I've come to the conclusion that all the reading I do is driving me crazy. Have you ever read those articles where two people get into an argument, then one of them dies in a horrific accident, and the survivor feels tremendous guilt over it? Or a husband dies and the wife struggles to remember if she told him she loved him in their last phone call? It's the 5-year anniversary of 9/11, so there are lots of articles like that in various magazines and newspapers. Those kinds of stories just haunt me. And make me incredibly paranoid. My 16-year-old son left for a trip to Orlando this evening. Even though he's going with his church youth group to a Christian concert at Disney, I still worry about him. He was unusually sweet to me in the car tonight. Was that to give me a nice "last memory"? What if they're hit by a drunk driver, or there's an accident on one of the rides? Do all parents worry as much as I do? Even though I know these tragedies are remote and I can't clip my son's wings forever, I can't help being paranoid. With love, comes pain. With parenting, comes worry. And when he comes home, there's relief...until the next time.


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