Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Husbands, This One's for You!

Men, if you want to know why you're not "getting it" from your wives, read on! (I know this blog is supposed to be about parenting, but it's all related. A satisfying marriage makes for a happy family.) First, if she tells you she's tired, it's the truth! It's not an excuse. She's taking care of the kids all day, perhaps working another job, too. As soon as her head hits that pillow at night, the thought of sleep is just too enticing. Aaaah! But, the other big reason you're not getting sex is because she has to LIKE you first! She has to have some "warm fuzzies" for you. Sex is not just a physical release for her. She has to feeeel the love! The good news for you is that this is SO easy to accomplish. This isn't anything new, and yet so few men seem to "get it" (pun intended). Guys, hold her hand when you're watching TV. Put your hand on her back when you're following her through the door. Give her a kiss for no reason. Touch her on the arm. Don't just grope her when you want some action. Show an interest in her. Quit nagging and criticizing. Listen to the words that come out of your mouth. Do you ever compliment her or tell her you appreciate her? Have you told her that you like her new haircut? Have you shown an interest in what she did that day? When was the last time you called her just to say "I love you"? Pick up a little gift for her just to show that you know what she likes. It might be as simple as her favorite fast-food French fries! Now, some of you might be saying this is asking too much. Or this is putting too much of the burden on men. But I bet you used to do all of these things before you were married! Why stop now? If you're going to argue that she never does these things, either, I can tell you how to get her to do them: Take the initiative! Touching leads to more touching. Thoughtfulness leads to more thoughtfulness. Just try it. Make it your mission to pay her a compliment every day. Think of something nice to say to her. Show an interest in her beyond "What'd you make for dinner?" Do this for a week and see how her mood has changed. I guarantee you she will respond. She'll feel romantic toward you, and that's going to show up in the bedroom. Trust me.


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