Saturday, December 14, 2019

Grill All Year 'Round with the Amazing PowerXL Grill!

I live in South Florida, so we are able to grill outside year-round, but most people in the United States don’t have that luxury. The solution? A PowerXL Grill! These grills are amazing -- they make everything so easy!

Thanks to the nonstick coating, food just slides right off the grill. And all the parts are removable, so it’s a snap to clean up afterward. You can even put the parts in the dishwasher! It’s very easy to set and adjust the temperature on the grill, and everything cooks up evenly. No hot or cold spots on this grill! There’s also a built-in fan for taking away the smoke and a tempered glass lid (which I took off to take these pictures but used when cooking).

We recently made some delicious pork on the PowerXL Grill. It cooked up beautifully in a very short period of time, and it was extremely tender and juicy. We quickly made enough food for our family of four. However, if you frequently entertain or have a large family, there’s a larger family-sized grill available, too! The regular-sized grill cooks up to four large steaks, six burgers, or eight pieces of chicken, while the family-sized grill cooks up to six large steaks, eight burgers, or ten pieces of chicken.

The grill also comes with recipe books, and there are more recipes online. We followed the recipe in the cookbook for Pork Medallions to season our pork, which was delicious. I can’t wait to make many of the other recipes in the cookbooks and on the website. The options are as varied as pancakes, quesadillas, Philly cheesesteaks (shown above), and even Grilled Pound Cake with Grilled Fruit (also shown above)! And, of course, the traditional classics like burgers, chicken, and kebobs are a breeze.

I have always been intimidated by my husband’s monster-sized outdoor grill, so the PowerXL Grill is perfect for me. These grills make fantastic gifts as they’re very affordable and will be used for years to come. They're perfect for tail-gating, too! Visit to learn more about PowerXL grills and other small home appliances.

Disclosure: I received a complimentary product sample to facilitate my honest review.

Friday, December 13, 2019

Wondrous Weekly Giveaway Linky (December 14-20, 2019)

December is especially busy for our family. Three out of my four children have birthdays in December -- that's a lot of gift-buying, wrapping and celebrating! Add that to all the usual activities for Christmas, and it's a crazy month! I'm guessing it's probably the same for many of you, but I hope you save a little time for yourself to do what makes you feel good, like watching a Christmas movie you love or taking a nice long bath. Then when you're done, jump on your computer to enter some giveaways with the chance of winning some great items for yourself or your family! Bookmark this page so you can visit often to see what new contests have been added. And if you're hosting a giveaway on your blog or website, feel free share it in the linky below. Don't forget to share this on your social media pages so your friends and followers can join us, too. Merry Christmas!

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Thursday, December 12, 2019

Book Blitz: "Grandparenting: Renew, Relive, Rejoice" by Pam Siegel and Leslie Zinberg

Non-Fiction / Self-Help
Date Published: November 2019
Publisher: Koehler Books

 photo add-to-goodreads-button_zpsc7b3c634.png

Who doesn't want another shot at childhood? The key to opening that door is your grandchildren.

Co-authors Siegel and Zinberg provide a concise, down-to-earth guide for both grandparents and parents. Each of the 52 straight forward nourishing practices provide methods of mindfulness, along with endearing real-life stories that grandparents can identify with. These bite-sized stories offer a rich assortment of simple ways to be present in our fast-paced lives and not miss the richness of time spent with grandchildren.

Praise for Grandparenting: Renew, Relive, Rejoice

"The interesting thing about Grandparenting: Renew, Relive, Rejoice is not only that you learn a lot about your grandkids, but also, you learn a lot about yourself." ~Bob Newhart, Comedian

“Grandparents are known for the many (sometimes too many) gifts that they lavish upon their grandkids. Most are gone and forgotten quickly. What if there was one gift you could give to yourself and your grandkids that would serve you both for the rest of your lives and provide a lasting bond? This book provides a path to the practice of mindfulness and opens the reader to a life well lived from the inside out. If you truly want to leave a legacy, make this book the cornerstone of your grandparent toolbox.” ~Christine Crosby, Editorial Director, GRAND Magazine

“For any grandparent interested in deepening their relationship with their grandchildren, this book delivers. Inspirational, thought-provoking, and a joy to read.” ~Susan Stiffelman, M.F.T., Author, Parenting Without Power Struggles and Parenting with Presence

 photo Grandparenting print ipad and ihpone_zpsudhkgkn1.jpg

About the Authors

Pam Siegel M.P.H., M.F.T. is a licensed Marriage Family Therapist in private practice in West Los Angeles. She is a certified mindfulness therapist and implements meditation and other mindfulness tools to help her clients with a variety of issues. She is actively involved in the mindfulness and yoga community and has her own daily practice and website,

Leslie Zinberg has co-written two successful parenting books, The Pink and Blue Baby Pages and The Pink and Blue Toddler Pages. Both books were featured in national publicity campaigns, with appearances on The Today Show, QVC, and local television and radio segments across the country. Leslie is co-founder of the website,

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Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Teaser Tuesday and Books Giveaway: "Derek Hyde Knows Spooky When He Sees It," by C. Michael Lunsford

 photo Derek Hyde Cover_zpsjqlbva2t.png
Derek Hyde Series, Book 1
Middle-Grade Paranormal
Date Published: 12-21-2019
Publisher: INtense Publications LLC

 photo add-to-goodreads-button_zpsc7b3c634.png

Twelve-year-old Derek Hyde isn’t thrilled that the spookiest old mansion in town is about to become the Hyde Funeral Home & Used Coffin Outlet. Especially since he has to live there with his mortician parents, Jack and Formalda.

Of course, being driven in the family hearse to his first day at middle school doesn’t exactly add whipped cream to his broccoli.

As if things couldn't get more horrific, an evil classmate named Nussbaum attacks him in the cafeteria with a plate of beef stroganoff. Seems this kid used to love living in the old mansion himself, but got yanked out after accidentally blowing up his own mom and dad. With his chemistry set. Now his dead parents are stuck as ghosts and Nussbaum is a foster kid stuck on revenge, vowing to get even with Derek’s family for taking over his haunted home.

Derek desperately craves a nice place to live, but a couple of minor details stand in his way—just some blood-curdling apparitions that scare the pants off him and a classmate bent on landing him in his parents’ embalming room. As a client.

 photo Derek Hyde Proof 2_zps3027w3lt.png

About the Author

 photo author_zpspoenzgy3.png
E. Michael Lunsford is the author of an award-winning play, Scary, Scary Night, and a book of wacky kids’ poems, Sometimes I Get My Shoes on Backwards, winner of the Readers’ Favorite International Book Award. His debut novel is the first of the funny Derek Hyde series of spooky middle-grade books published by INtense Publications. Michael is also a musician, composer, inventor, entrepreneur and chief cook & bottle washer who works and lives with his wife and love of his life in San Carlos, California.

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Saturday, December 07, 2019

Product Review: PowerXL Air Fryer ~ The Hottest Gift This Holiday Season!

One of the most popular items for gift-giving this season is an air fryer! And I can certainly see why. Air fryers make it so easy to have your favorite fried foods without the messy oil and calories! PowerXL has a fantastic line of air fryers to choose from. I was given the opportunity to review the PowerXL Air Fryer Pro with Accessory Kit (pictured above), and I fell in love! The 8-quart model is the “big daddy” of the fryers, allowing you to cook your whole meal or make more items for a bigger group. My favorite feature? The One-Touch Pre-Set Buttons (see below).

Just hit the button for what you want to cook (chicken, fries, etc.), and then you can use the arrows on the side if you want to change the temperature and/or the time. It’s fun to experiment with the time and temperature, especially if you’re cooking a lot of food at once. The sliding trays make it easy to re-order your items or flip them, if needed. As you can see below, we made some delicious chicken, curly fries, and zucchini sticks in the air fryer. They were delicious!

The PowerXL Air Fryer Pro comes with a fantastic accessory kit that gives you even more options for cooking, such as a rotisserie spit and stand, 10 stainless skewers for kebabs, a rotating mesh basket, 5 air flow racks, a drip tray and even 3 recipe books! (Recipes are also available on the PowerXL website.) You can also dehydrate veggies, herbs and fruit. We haven’t had a chance to try the rotisserie spit or skewers yet, but they are next on our list. How-to videos are available here.

If you don’t want the extra accessories, or you have a smaller budget or less space for storage, I encourage you to try one of these other options:

The PowerXL Elite Air Fryer comes in a 5.5-quart size and is available in 8 fun colors, such as the two shown below.

Another option is the PowerXL Vortex Air Fryer. You can choose from four sizes: 2-quart, 3-quart, 5-quart, and 7-quart, and two colors: black and red.

Now’s the time to get going on your holiday shopping. Get a PowerXL air fryer for everyone you know. They will LOVE it and use it over and over again! They’re super-easy to clean and store, and will make your everyday cooking or entertaining a breeze! Visit to learn more and purchase.

Disclosure: I received a complimentary product sample to facilitate this review, but all opinions are my own.

Wondrous Weekly Giveaway Linky (December 7-13, 2019)

Happy holidays! It's a busy time of year, but I hope you can find a little time to relax and de-stress. While you do so, plan to enter some giveaways! Bookmark this page so you can visit often to see what new contests have been added. And if you're hosting a giveaway on your blog or website, feel free share it in the linky below. Don't forget to share this on your social media pages so your friends and followers can join us, too. Thank you!

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Tuesday, December 03, 2019

New on IMAX Enhanced 4K Ultra UHD, Blu-Ray and DVD ~ Turtle Odyssey: Bunji's Big Adventure!

Living in South Florida, our family has learned a lot about sea turtles over the years since the turtles often nest on our beaches. Therefore, we were really excited to learn about a new movie that follows the life of an Australian sea turtle, Bunji! Read on to learn more about this movie, as well as a review!

About Turtle Odyssey: Bunji's Big Adventure

On December 3, journey through tropical oceans with one of the sea’s most intriguing creatures, a sea turtle. Russell Crowe narrates Turtle Odyssey: Bunji’s Big Adventure, which will be available on 4K Ultra UHD & Blu-ray®, as well as on DVD, this December from Shout! Factory. The film utilizes the new IMAX Enhanced technology, which offers an expanded aspect ratio and immersive sound for an incredible home viewing experience.

Sea turtles are some of the most majestic and ancient creatures on Earth. For over 100 million years, they have traversed the seas, surviving multiple mass extinctions and playing critical roles in maintaining a healthy, marine food chain. Not only do these friendly animals captivate us as they peacefully glide through the ocean, but their personal journeys of survival are equally fascinating.

Turtle Odyssey explores the unique lifecycle of an Australian Sea Turtle named Bunji and her incredible journey across the ocean. The film follows Bunji from a hatchling into adulthood as she swims thousands of miles, meeting incredible creatures and having some truly wild encounters.

Review by D.T.

Bunji will melt your heart in her movie, Turtle Odyssey. The adventure follows this Green Sea Turtle from the time she hatches until she lays eggs in her nest. Along her path, she has to learn to take care of herself, avoid sea predators, and face the relatively new threat of human intervention. Through all the twists and turns of her life, her instinct and intellect serve her well, and she finds her way back to the beach where she was born to lay a nest of her own.

Although short, this movie will teach you quite a bit about the daily life of a sea turtle. As documentaries go, it keeps the excitement and fascination going throughout the film. Russell Crowe narrates it perfectly, with soft curiosity and a few surprises. The camera work is also fantastic, always keeping a good eye on Bunji wherever she goes. This movie is available in Blu-ray and 4K, with all of the details to make you feel as if you are swimming at Bunji’s side. It is a beautiful film about a beautiful creature and will give you a greater appreciation for sea turtles.

Disclosure: A complimentary product sample was provided to facilitate this review. This post contains my Amazon affiliate link, and I will receive a small commission on purchases made through this link.

Sunday, December 01, 2019

Wondrous Weekly Giveaway Linky (December 1-6, 2019)

Welcome to December! The Christmas season is in full swing now -- let's celebrate by entering some giveaways! Bookmark this page so you can visit daily to see what new contests have been added. And if you're hosting a giveaway on your blog or website, feel free share it in the linky below. Don't forget to share this on your social media pages so your friends and followers can join us, too. Happy holidays!

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