Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Repair Your Kids’ Torn Clothes with Fun and Collectible Grab A Scab Patches! (GIVEAWAY)

I’ve got eight-year-old twins, and they’re very rough on their clothes. I’m constantly throwing away clothes (or turning them into rags) because they’ve got tears and holes in them. I recently got rid of several pairs of jeans with huge holes because I didn’t know about a product called Grab A Scab! These fabric sticker patches are a HUGE improvement over the old iron-ons we had as a kid. You don’t have to sew them on (hurray!), but they’re still permanent once you stick them on your children’s clothes. Send them through the washing machine, and they won’t tear, fray or fall off. You can even personalize them with permanent ink that won’t wash away. Kids will love the fun designs, like these:

As you can see, they have designs that appeal to both boys and girls. CLICK HERE to see the full selection. Grab A Scabs are great to keep on hand, so you’ll want to order more than one at a time. When you order 2 or more, you receive 10% off your order. Get 6 or more for a 15% discount, and 20% off when you purchase 10 or more!

In addition to the original Grab A Scabs, they also carry smaller button Scabs in fun designs, Scabs that warn of a food allergy, reflective Scabs for safety on outerwear and backpacks, and even custom Scabs that you can order for your school, sports team, or other organization! CLICK HERE to find out how Grab A Scabs can be used in your next fundraising campaign.

I love the idea of Grab A Scabs, and now I’m almost excited about my twins’ next wardrobe disaster so I can repair it with a fun Grab A Scab! This ingenious product will save you money in repair and replacement clothing costs for your active children. Visit to learn more. Join Grab A Scab on Facebook and Twitter, too.

GIVEAWAY! To enter my giveaway for a chance to win a $25 gift pack of Grab A Scab fabric patches, CLICK HERE. (Open to US/Canadian residents. Ends 1/26/12.)


  1. Those look fantastic! My 8 year old has been lethal on the knees of his pants lately. I will be ordering a few of these!

  2. I just went on an expedition trying to find fun / shape patches for my daughters jeans. She got a hole in them the first time she wore them. These would have been perfect.

  3. Permission for adults to use them too? :)

    1. Of course! They're lots of fun for adults as well.


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